Datamined exact amiibo loot tables
6 years ago
Ontario, Canada

Thought this might be useful, here ya go.

Probabilities not included, only which items can drop. Anything more would require figuring out the complete loot table file format.

Note that there are a few loot tables that don't line up with any amiibo that are known to be compatible with the game. I'm assuming they're unused, but hard to be sure of this. There are also two that are known to be from unreleased 30th anniversary amiibo of Majora's Mask and Skyward Sword Link.

Also, there's two very similar tables, and I'm not sure which one of them is for the BotW Zelda amiibo. Only difference between them is that one includes bows, and the other includes the Radiant Shield.

Incidentally, unlike Smash Link who gives both Epona and loot, Wolf Link does not give you anything besides the wolf.

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