I wanna watch a specific type of speedun, can you recommend the best, or at least closest equivalent?
10 months ago

Here's what I'm looking for. I imagine that there's not a walkthrough for this game that's exactly like this, but it'd be nice if you could recommend the closest equivalent.

A speedrun that doesn't use any major glitches(no going through the walls or ceiling for example.)

A speedrun that has good audio and visual, both from the game, and, if the person has a mic, their mic as well.

A speedrun in english(both the game being in english, as well as the person speedrunning the game speaking english.)

If the person has a cam, I'd prefer it be someone who has a good setup, and is likable and knows how to entertain.



There aren't really any walkthroughs of the game but for the minimal glitches, you're best checking the big limit categories. Finding a run that uses English will be hard since it's not the fastest language for most runs.

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Yeah, I meant speedrun, not walkthrough, my bad. Also, thanks to you I found the closest to what I'm looking for with this!


Appreciate you!