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Hi, welcome to the Breath of the Wild Category Extensions Leaderboard! Here we will house all the interesting, yet not so interesting to be on the main board, categories you can think of.

When requesting a category, please provide the following:

- Name, explanation and rules of the category.
- The SRC username of each runners (eg. @Sigmaphied), along with the respective video of the run.

Each category must follow these guidelines:
- The category should involve interesting and unique routing, or have a significant goal within the game.
- The category should not be similar to existing categories.
- The category goals should not be reliant on heavy luck based requirements or goals.
- There must be at least 5 runs by five different runners with video proof each, for longer categories (6+ hours on average) only 3 runs are required.
- Exceptions to these rules are categories which have a distinct growth in popularity compared to others (eg. butter dog).

After one of our mods reviews your category, along with the runs, your category will be added if accepted.

//Note: Categories that were added before the new guidelines were posted are not gonna be removed from the board. If you submitted before this, you must resubmit under these new rules.//

//Note2: This thread is only for request submissions with the below criteria, this is not an "idea" thread to discuss what categories other runners should run. Any non-request submission will be deleted.

If you want to talk about ideas, see this thread:

or use the proper channel in the Discord server.//

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Kill% Talus (subcategory for Kill%)
Kill a stone talus in any means possible
-Timing starts the first frame link is allowed to move
-Timing ends the first frame that the talus’ health bar fully depletes
-Any weapon, rune, or object can be used to kill the talus
@StompeeStompee 4:43 -

@HarleyLoZHarleyLoZ 5:30 -

@The_BromieThe_Bromie 4:33 -

@yahdeeyeetyahdeeyeet 5:49 -

@BrokenAnkleBrokenAnkle 10:34 -

@Void_SpikyVoid_Spiky 5:41 -

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(Not 100% sure if this meets the requirements;
Lmk if not)

Blessing Shrine Any% (Individual Level)
Standard IL rules apply
@KomaliKomali - 0.867s

@Alfort1016Alfort1016 - 1.033s
@YoshirunsYoshiruns - 4.733

@WinterWolfUWNL- 4.967

@cubbfightcubbfight - 5.033

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Thats 2 runs. You need 3 iirc.


You need 5


no i am pretty sure three at the minimum but 5 or six at the maximum.


New rules were put in place, so you need a minimum of 5, please read the first post on this thread for all the requirements

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Beat all three spring shrines (wisdom,power,courage) by placing a scale from the respective dragon into the spring, and completing the shrine.
-Timing ends when the monk chamber breaks on the final shrine
-SCW is banned
-Scales don’t have to come from the dragon, external sources are allowed (chests)





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