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If you would like to add an additional category to this game, you should ask here or in the Discord Server.

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I wont play the game but can you add 100%


@marcdeepicllama Unfortunately at this time we don't have a clear definition for 100% in this game. We most likely wont have the definition to create the category until closer to a week after release.


I would suggest an All Dungeons category since Any% probably won't end up doing them all


Maybe all Shrines+Dungeons%


All Quests might be good. Complete all possible quest log entries. May have to wait for more details though.

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Yeah we're definitely gonna have to wait a little tell we can start talking about categories I think


Maybe All Shrines and Dungeons can be called ASD for short kinda like MST. Or it could even be called HSD and it requiring all heart pieces, shrines, and dungeons.

Also since you have the potential to fight Ganon early maybe have a Low% category. This would need some routing to figure out the earliest and worst weapons and items to use to beat Ganon.

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So yeah I came up with the following in the discord yesterday:
Any% - obvious, we'll see if its actually sub 2 hours. For now its 3h+

Low% - cause there are ways to beat Ganon super slowly but without any of the dungeon items apparently.

100% - this is a tough one. I vote for
-all dungeons
-all shrines
-master sword
-all warps
-all upgrades (hearts, stamina, pockets) (which means all the seeds)
-all quests
-whole map revealed
-maybe all memories?

All Shrines% - super fun category. Do all 120 (?) shrines and then finish Ganon. Will probably need Master Sword and at least 1 dungeon tho.

All Dungeons% - obvious choice. All 4 dungeons, Master Sword, Ganon.

I guess this would be great for now.

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I suggest a "Full Story" or "All Main Quests" category. Would probably be super fun and not super long like 100% or so.
Btw, All Shrines would probably take 20 hours or longer and that if you consider each shrine only takes 10 minutes.

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Geez All Shrines would be that long? Even if skips were found in them it would still take a while.

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I'd love it if there were dungeon specific runs, i.e. just get paraglider -> 1 dungeon and finish.
that would get some interesting routing for sure,
since for the desert one you need to get 500 rupees to get into the gerudo town.

It'd be best set up as a category + 4 subcategories.
1 | 2 | 3 | 4

and tbh I'd run tf out of the desert one, that one was so fckn fun.

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I think it would be cool to do a master sword category. Afaik you need a certain number of hearts to pull the master sword, so the category would make you have to do a certain amount of shrines and/or dungeons.


@HowDenKing I think using the IL Leaderboard for Individual Dungeon runs would be better.


@Tigame but it wouldn't be an Individual Level, so it'd make no sense to put it there.
make it a misc. category if it doesn't fit with the others.


If anything we could have a category extension leaderboard


How are Amiibo's going to fit into the leaderboard?

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I don't think it would be wise to put 120 shrines for ILs. Rather someone could make a site for the shrine runs. Much like Haloruns or something like that.


When submitting a time to the leaderboards, amiibo usage is a Yes or No option.

As for categories, all the categories on the main leaderboard will be ones which start with a new file and beat the final boss. Popular categories that don't beat the final boss (i.e. Time finishes upon completing a dungeon) will go under a miscellaneous tab. To prevent crowding, only the few (3-5 perhaps) most popular categories that do not beat the final boss will probably be added to that leaderboard.

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Just saw the map for the 900 Korok seeds. That's absolutely absurd but I guess someone somewhere will be interested in running it.

I think the most popular categories are gonna be Low% and Shrine+Dungeon%.

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