Without coffin dance (obtaining DIE Machine through the door sucking)
Without coffin dance (obtaining DIE Machine through the door sucking)
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Youtube URL: Step 1. Kill all zombies in Yard with headshots or melee for 2 rounds (weapon is most often a tactical rifle or shotgun)

Step 2. At the end of round 2, when round 3 is starting, you want to head to the penthouse and stay there till you have 10k points, usually obtained with one zombie left on round 5(try to get a Semtex grenade and stims)

Step 3. When you reach 10k points you want to turn the power on and get pack-a-punch ready. When getting the PaP part, you want to get the fuse if the Aether travel is in med-bay and buy stamin-up

Step 4. Enter the Dark Aether (you should be entering round 6) the last part must be in PaP. Fill the gas container and get the last part. Craft the Atherscope and head to med-bay. (round 7)

Step 5.Kill the megaton and end the round. (round 8 ) Enter the anomaly in med-bay, get the diary and start 2 anomalies, pick up the D.I.E controller, activate the last anomaly and train in the yard. (Activate the D.I.E anomaly after 50 sec since you started the last anomaly)

Step 6. [still in dark eather] shoot down the box, suck in the canister get the fungus purple (place down the flask and you should head out of the anomaly) (round 9) Then go and input the password.

Step 7. Enter the anomaly, and get the plague hound gas and cut the box open

Step 8. Enter the anomaly under Pap to start sucking in the crystals.

 	1st Crystal: Go up the Deadshot travel pipe 
 	suck in the crystal
pick up the filled flask
 	get D.I.E Thermophasic
 	Go through the travel pipe in the living room and shoot the box.

2nd Crystal: Run to med-bay and shoot the upper right stick with Thermophasic (looking west)
run to the crystal by jug 
Get D.I.E Nova-5
Head down to the box through the med-bay pipe and shoot it

3rd Crystal: run to med-bay and shoot the top right stick with Nova-5 (looking west)
Travel through the med bay pipe, buy the door and suck in the crystal
Go through the travel pipe in the living room and shoot the box.

Step 9. Get D.I.E Electrobolt, run to med-bay and shoot the bottom right stick with Electrobolt (looking west)

Step 10. Get D.I.E Cryo-Emitter (you should start to phase back now), run to med-bay, and shoot the bottom left stick with Cryo-Emitter (looking west).

Step 11. Go into the anomaly close to med-bay and activate the anomaly to get the wrench. Go and get Electrobolt.

Step 12. Take the wrench(round 10) knock on the tank in the yard 3 times, kill the zombie that pops up, remember the Semtex? throw the Semtex at the tank and it should fire. (c4 and frag works too)

Step 13. Pick up the decontamination agent and run/walk with it back to med-bay. Running onto the wing and jumping off will slow down the dogs for 3 sec. looking backward heading down to med-bay speeds you up

Step 14. Split the megaton and make it go into the chamber. (try to escape the lockdown)

Step 15. As soon as he gets free, you want to run to the living room to activate the anomaly, open the door to the yard during the travel animation, activate the anomaly, and kill everything in the yard or in the penthouse, except 1-4 zombies so you don’t end the round. (you can buy a sentry here to help in the boss fight)

Step 16. Pick up the family photo to activate the boss fight.

Step 17. Before going down to Olav, you want to get rid of some of the dogs since when killed close to him he will go into a “taking damage” animation slowing down the time.

Step 18. If you have the ring of fire, you want to use it in the first wave, spare it on the second wave (you use sentry gun here) and use it again on the 3rd wave standing to the left of Olav (making all of the zombies attack only you)

Step 19. So you have successfully destroyed the atom-smasher at Projekt endstation. Now you want to go to the door to Deadshot, wait for the walls to collapse, and run to the hanging bomb, jump over the gap in the middle to the left. Go a little further and mantle the stairs, exit to the right, and kill 1-7 zombies coming through the entrance to the tunnel. Now just avoid the tornadoes and kill zombies till Raptor one lands. at 0:46 you can press interact to leave.

Congratulations, you just finished your speedrun. Or maybe you just did this to do the easter egg early so the boss fight isn’t as hard.