Game freeze
3 months ago

If a game freezes, like on Mauer, but then comes back to life, does the frozen gameplay count or get paused?

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What do you mean when you say frozen? If your game is stuttering I would suggest turning off HAGS (Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling).


Frozen like Antarctica! The mods said to pause the timer during a frozen part. This run it was like 13 seconds long.

Check it out here:

Happens around 12:20 on my timer

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Well, I've never seen that. That would make sense to pause the timer for that on console.

I have a series X but I haven't played BOCW on it super recently (last two months). I've definitely played Mauer on it but I've never had that happen to me. Only thing that comes to mind would be because I'm always on the Alpha Skip-Ahead builds so that might be worth trying. If I get some free time I'll see if the same thing happens to me now though because I'm curious.

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Unrelated, is Mauer the easiest Round 100? Just realized I still need that dark ops challenge. I completely forgot about it until I saw your run you linked.