Timing Update
2 years ago
New York, USA

The times, they are a changing... No, literally. As I gain more experience as a mod I can start to see the need for a better Start time.

Since not everyone uses an input display (an extra piece of equipment for those on real hardware) and the original Start time is based on pushing the start button I feel like that is not the most solid way to time the run.

As per the run I received this morning (4/22/2022) I feel like the more reliable (findable, provable) start timing for this wonderful game should be after pressing start at the first appearance of the Blob.

I noticed there are a few frames between the title screen transition to the screen with your house/street, but then it's a few more frames before The Boy and The Blob appear on screen (including the icon next to the lives, which appears at the same time).

So it is on me to go through and re-time all the runs on this board, mostly it will be a matter of milliseconds but still, this is a short game and every frame counts.

I expect this will take my entire weekend. To help I plan on adding another mod. who has helped me mount this task before.

So if you notice the board is all shook up and looks wrong, please be patient! I will post again here in the forum when it is completed so everyone knows all is well.

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