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1 year ago
New York, USA

The category is Cauldron% with two sub-categories. [credit:Polsvoice]

Based on the any% run except you run right after falling into the credits instead of going left.

As you proceed to the right you will pass through glitch screens that exist solely as continuity for the games mapping. Much exploring could probably be done if anyone is interested, though I currently have no clues.

Keep running right, there is a story that repeats as you proceed that builds on itself as you go further. It is supposed to be a joke though it seems to be translated strangely and is said to be possibly dirty?

As you approach the Cauldron you can either:

Death Warp: Run into the flames and respawn up near the switch.

No Death Warp: Use the Trampoline (or whatever?) to reach the switch without dying.

There is hopefully at least one more category in mind for the future, though it is going to take a fair amount of experimenting/exploring. But for now, please enjoy Cauldron%

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