Lets add levitation% to the leaderboards
7 years ago

I know it sounds like a meme but i think we should make this a legit category to run. You have to 100% the game and you can use the levitation Gameshark cheat code. Sound good?

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United States

Yeah, replace trotless with this.

United States

Definitely agree. I've really thought about this a lot and it's refreshing to see another person who feels the same way!

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I approve of this message.

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

I hope this category will be added. So many new opportunities, glitches and routes.

Colorado, USA

I've always hated mumbo's trotless. if it needs a new meme to take its place for it to be removed then this is our best option. also hagginater is a top lad, trust his views.

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South Australia, Australia

Seems like a cool category but there are a few issues with it. It would be impossible to tell if the runners were using any other prohibited codes. Also, it's possible to change the speed of the levitation quite easily by modifying the code. There would need to be a code given (for all regions) that couldn't be modified and there would need to be some way of making sure no other codes were used. Personally, I think there's still room for trotless if this is added.

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Midi-Pyrénées, France

any% could be so fast with FFM, just going OOB for each door ^^ 100% route could be interesting yeah !

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

The8bitbeast you just have to set clear rules.

For EMU: Next to the game-window the cheat-codes-window of pj64 must be shown the entire run and the levitation code must be opened at the beginning as proof.

For N64: I'm not familiar at all with GameShark/EverDrive (are these the actual cartridges?), can the cheats be changed without leaving the game so that you wouldn't notice?

United States

I mean couldn't people alter the code anyway with regular 100% runs and just make kazooie like .05% faster? It's kinda always been an honor code and there's always been opportunity for someone will take advantage.

South Australia, Australia

That rule for emu sounds good. With console you cant reset with a gameshark/action replay since Banjo requires a keycode (unless theres a newer version where you can) and the reset is noticeable on a flash cart so it would be hard to pull off cheating like that in console 100%. A way to verify it could be showing all the codes including the master code at the start of each run but that could be very tedious. This could be done at the start of a stream of attempts but it would make verifying a very long process since they would have to watch the entire stream to make sure no resetting happened.

Mittenz and I threw together some rules for our Any% with levitate race. All the visual modifier stuff can probably be ignored, that was just for fun http://pastebin.com/ivU2QTuG

Another issue was I needed another code to relearn moves since going into MMM makes me forget peck and climb if I'm using my Action Replay. It would be interesting to see if others get this problem and what a possible solution could be.

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