Requesting Information for Any% Glitchless Runs!
3 years ago
North Carolina, USA

Hi BK Community, I'm wanting to speedrun Banjo Kazooie but I'm needing some info on a few things. 1st off, I'm not really good at BK in general, but I want to try speedrunning it and without glitches. the level i can do decently the most is Mumbos Mountain, but pretty much all the levels after that is difficult for me, especially in terms of memorizing things. How many notes and jiggies should i get in each level for someone who's not very good at BK for an any% glitchless run?

Ontario, Canada

Any% with no glitches isn't really done because that requires nearly every collectible in the game anyway. You can look at Hagg's 2:17 in hundo and just take out the like, 6 jiggies(?), that you dislike the most.

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