Joker Glitch variable added.
2 years ago

Hey all. :)

In the last few days, I went through all the runs here and made a variable that shows whether or not a run ended in the infamous Joker glitch.

If you're unaware of what the Joker glitch is, you can understand it here:

But basically, there are some frames where if the Joker is killed on, it immediately skips his death animation and saves about 4 seconds. I added the the variable because it was neat to see at a glance how many runs ended in the glitch, but also what the best non-glitch times are.

And before anyone asks "why isn't the board separate if there's a glitch?" it's because I think, just that. The glitch can be gotten accidentally, and there's really no other glitches in Batman that the speedrun uses to save time. It's just the Joker glitch, of course, right at the end of the run.

@mikethev run is a funny example. Right now the leaderboard, it's 81st place, but he got the glitch accidentally, and if you filter by that, his run becomes 9th best. xD It would create all kinds of strange leaderboards if people got it accidentally, so for now, it's just something nice to see on the side.

Feel free to just leave "Joker Glitch" blank and one of the mods will adjust it if you don't understand!

Thanks for reading. :)

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Just noticed this, pretty funny. Lot of effort you put in there, thank you haha!

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Hey, sorry for the late reply! I guess I didn't get a notification for this.

Cool to see you're still speedrunning and around in general. Your run was funny, as originally when I set the variable (if you sorted by it) you went from like 90th to 9th place. :D @mikethev

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