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2 years ago

There actually used to be a category for fist only, actually, but then no one ran it so I erased it. The category was on SRC and was empty for like 2 years. :)

I have no issues with adding it again if there's interest considering it existed before. I do heavily agree it's very different from Pacifist and a very different way to play the game.

The previous rules were very simple:

  • Couldn't use ammo anywhere (including bosses) - so for example, no using subweapons at all, like in act 2 hitting the ceiling robots with batarangs, even if you weren't killing them.
  • Timing remained the same.

Fist only was a neat run and I wish(ed) more people ran it at the time. If you string a run together feel free to message me either here or on Twitch and I'll look over it and add the category back.

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Already added category with proper rule set stating, that generally no sub weapon should be used anywhere even for fun, when it hits nothing just air, since I feel, that full restriction is the best way to avoid any future problems and it makes things more clear. Funkmasterzero's run was added as well. GG on finished run with joker glitch.

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Ah cool! Thanks hirexen! I didn't see that from mobile.


Congrats on the run, Funkmasterzero!

I believe the old record before Baize erased his account was 11:XX something.

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