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Picked this game up at steam sale, love it, are there any run guides?


Well there aren't real guides as far as I saw. I think the best thing is it to learn from watching and tring to replicate it.
You can take a look at some runs of mine or from GVirus, because we got the inputs in the run, so you can take a look at every input we do.


I think adding the explanation on the drone trick where you shoot one right after you swap would be neat. Took me some time to understand that you need to use the glitch thing.
UPD: explanation on this "skip" would also be neat


The skip where a drone is shot and you TP through the wall? I think that was patched, so that's no longer a viable shortcut.


Sorry everyone, I'm not online very often in the last time and didn't think about to take a look into the Forums here 😕

@dion: I planned to do a Video about all Strats, but I didn't have the time to do it yet especially now since I'm only at home in the weekend (if even ._.)
The Trick/Glitch you posted by Synophis is patched and can no longer be used sadly.

@shaneplaysgames: I see u got a Speedrun-Acc already, neat ;D


Hey! I'm planning on creating video tutorials for both any% and 100% runs. Community isn't too big right now, but it'll still help for people learning in the future.


A hot tip to beat ukhu.
I just did it in 20 seconds on ps4... No idea how

Something went wrong I think.


Sadly that is the usual strat for this Boss already.
You can take a look at Guides -> Ukhu One-shot or preety much every run sub 50.


The glitched bug explosions kill it pretty much instantly. It's been known for ages, and it's an absolute blessing as it would be a nightmare to fight otherwise.