Reverse boss order?
1 year ago
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Basically, this category is beating all bosses except for Vision and Athetos in reverse order. RareBeeph recently managed to get 8% (btw congrats), so maybe the glitches he used in that run could be used for this.

Also, I don’t think this is possible in Speedrun Mode. It has to be in “story mode” aka the normal game. The glitches RareBeeph used in his 8% can only be done in story mode.

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I actually did this a while back, using randomizer mode:

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Cool, but that’s not really what I meant

I don’t know how you would skip Xedur without using Randomizer Mode or debug, but I found a way to skip Telal and a way to get to Indi without a coat using door storage, currently looking for a way to get the drone without killing Uruku

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Here’s a couple videos on door storage and a few skips using it

In terms of RBO, you would have to do the first 3 bosses (Xedur, Telal, Uruku) in order; then, you could do Vision (5th boss), Xedur Hul (9th boss), Sentinel (8th boss), Ukhu (7th boss), Clone (6th boss), Gir-Tab (4th boss), Athetos (10th boss).

Door storage actually doesn't improve the reverse-ness of this at all, since it's only useable after you get drone. However, it does introduce the option of doing Ukhu before Vision; this ultimately ends up being "less reversed" than the standard funny order, though.

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Yeah a Xedur skip seems nigh impossible rn, but as I said before, there is a way to skip Telal involving the Eribu-Absu door

It goes to the other end of Absu past the first address disrupter, but you can backtrack and get it after you get high-jump

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That’s a good boss route for Speedrun Mode though, someone should do a run on that