Discord Server
7 years ago
Vienna, Austria

To communicate and to plan out Stuff, I created a Discord-Server for all Axiom Runners. Feel free to join in :)


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The invite is expired, you can make invites that last forever by clicking on Instant Invite -> Advanced Settings and there you can change the duration of the invite and how often it can be used :D

Vienna, Austria

Sorry, didn't notice till now :O Link is now updated!

your link isnta permalink. also are we allowed to use actuall fucking time machines?

Virginia, USA

Alright, you are upset which you have a right to be. However from only reading what you posted, I believe you have a very strong opinion. That isn't the issue, it is how you attacked anyone disagreeing with yourself. We like to have a community agreement on almost everything, including running the AV and AV2 speedrun leaderboards. I will look into your ban, however I just want you to reflect on how your message came off. It isn't very friendly to be invited into someones house and tell them their wall paint is ugly.

Now furthermore let's talk about the speedrun itself. Yes it may be cool to some people that you can beat a brand new game under 20 minutes. This is what YouTube is for. However with new merchandise, there comes bugs. I truly believe that patching things like teleporting to a tile that hasn't even been discovered yet is ridiculous and not entertaining. We the community (everyone) can contribute to bugs, strats, routes, and tech. Tom Happ isn't going to remove fun and punish the speedrunners bc glitches are found. I am sure there are tons of platforming manipulation and a good chance for major glitches. But within our embargo session which is almost half way over, we have a chance to polish a speedrun, pick the correct categories, talk about rules and LISTEN as well as open the flood gates to new runners!

With that being said, sorry for you getting banned without hearing both sides, it wasn't myself nor does it matter who it was. However for you to come into the forums for AV1 and post this only shows us that you don't want to get along with others. What matters is moving forward and hope you can understand that. I really hope you are enjoying the game and WE are excited to see what gamers make of this run for Axiom Verge 2.

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Virginia, USA

Any run is exciting and even those pre patch. There will definitely have a home on the leaderboards for these runs as well. We want to show off the game from different pov's and I know that there is entertaining runs no matter what game version it is played on. Awesome video and sub 13, that is really cool. Can't wait to see what others come up with depending on category and rule set.

Toronto, ON, Canada

I think there has been miscommunication with mods over the whole embargo. Let me clear things up now.

  1. We only wanted a 2 week period of which no1 posted runs to leaderboards.

  2. When it was original discussed I mentioned I wasn't going to be posting what we found in beta for 2 weeks and I think mods took that as everyone shouldn't when i was just trying to not spoil the fun for other runners to enjoy discovery of a new game route.

  3. Discussing Strats, Glitches and Exploits are fine, just remember to put them in their appropriate channel.

  4. Rules Set are being constantly updated and to get mad cause of a rule stating all users must use latest release, is a little childish we had every intention of having a legacy leaderboard for older patches if you had waited you would see its been since added to the leaderboards, you also got to remember we want everyone to have a fair competition and having some people allowed to post older patches with new patches would be highly unfair thus like I said we decided to make a misc Legacy leaderboards for that specifically which will house all past runs as patches release.

  5. Biggest reason we didn't want people posting full runs is we want route diversity to be discovered we've seen too many games where people just follow the first posted videos route and many opportunities are missed for years cause of it, so far we've seen some amazing results with people discovering all sorts of routes glitches and a few unintentional bugs.

With all that said we will be changing the embargo to allow people to discuss strats and glitches, just please refrain from posting entire runs til embargo is over.

edit: as for the ban i'm unsure who banned you and why but i'm sure this entire situation could have been handled better on both ends by the sounds of it

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Toronto, ON, Canada

that was my bad it was in no way personal it should be rectified and rules will be altered to allow people to show accessibilty after their runs instead, because you do make a good point now if you continue to carry yourself this way we will have to take this to the src mods cause this is border lining harassment at this point you don't wanna be part of the discord and conform to its rules thats fine we have no issues with you just posting runs, what we have issue with is how you seem to cause drama with anyone and everyone over anything.

Minnesota, USA

I just came here to have a good time running and routing with others. Multiple people inside the community repeatedly tried to ruin that. I hope you don't believe I want to be throwing away days of my life stressing over petty garbage like this. Sure, I could have just left without doing any of the above, but that's not constructive in any capacity. "Borderline harassment" is why the above even exists. There's so many more important things in life than letting assholes try to walk all over you and friends in a niche speedrun community. What is the point of conforming to things that make you and your friends feel like shit? I came here to have fun with people optimizing a cool game, not feel oppressed the whole time. It's anti-fun and people take themselves way too seriously. I voiced my frustration more than enough. I simply don't want any part of it anymore. VGR was the most sensible of the group involved—he did a lot of things right. Good luck to this community moving forward. If removing this thread is something you want to do to help people move on, I'd understand. I don't like seeing it either. *You know what, I'll just do it for you.

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