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Hey everyone, I'm PreFiX.
Me, GVirus and DarkCPU0 made up a Weekly Race for Axiom Verge to promote the Game more since it's a really good Speedgame but is quite unknown.

The Race is held every Week on Wednesday at 2AM CET/8PM EST by myself and GVirus.
If anyone would like to join the races or just want's to be in our little group, then message me or GVirus via Skype (prefixaut) on Twitch ( , or on this Thread with some contact Information 🙂 We'ld be glad if you'ld join in or watch it.


Oh nice, I was looking to pick this game up soon, and if you guys are doing regular races then that seems like a pretty good way to get into it!
I was wondering if anyone had done a tutorial or a written guide, or if its easy enough to pick up what's going on just from watching runs?


Nice to see that you'ld like to pick it up 🙂
I haven't really seen a tutorial for the run, but it's quite self explaining if you watch some runs (If you have played the Game before to understand some mechanics).
GVirus was already thinking about doing and Tutorial, but I guess he doesn't have that much time lately since he gotta practise for AGDQ. I might take a hand on it.
If you need help with some Strats, then let us know and we'll be happy to help you out 🙂


I just started running this game and would love to do some weekly races. Are you guys still doing them?


Sadly not, since most of the People won't have time and coordination between us is quite hard because of different Time-Zones (CET, EST).
If you're in America, you'ld surely plan/coordinate some races with gvirus and luck%. Guess best way is to message them on twitter, since this Forum isn't ... obserrved very well.