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11 months ago

Hi there! I have two questions.

1 - Which emulators are allowed for runs?

2 - Are there any guides or tutorials for the run?


From what I remember after DMing someone on discord, pretty much any emulator is allowed as long as it's somewhat accurate. Also I don't believe there's any guides or tutorials for this run as it's very long, but I vaguely some runs having some insightful commentary.

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Idk about guides but I made some videos back in the day of some strategies. You can check my YT channel I guess: https://www.youtube.com/@abcdefghilihgfedcba/search?query=advance%20wars%202

For example I have a video of Factory Blues in 2′41″ which you might find useful idk.

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Hi there, I took the freedom of upgrading the look of the leaderboard a little bit.

Also posted all the resources we use for the speedrun (emulators, splits, etc).

The AW speedrun discord is now linked on the leadeboards.

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