100% Glitched route
100% Glitched route
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NOTE: The following must be collected: 36 orbs Gauntlet Telamon's Sword Potion of Recovery Both visor bag upgrades This is for the GLITCHED category, however dev warp is not allowed, and a previous save cannot be used. Also, make sure to collect visors across the run, as you'll need them. Next to the names of orbs / worlds, there will be 1 or 2 numbers in brackets next to them. The first number for the life of me I can't explain so just use this as an example: Petal Panic (1) would mean you get the Petal Panic orb first out of that world. The second number is how many orbs you should have at the time. In the case of next to world names, it's how many orbs you should finish the world with. I might make this a google doc with images and whatever at some point, but I don't know if I can be bothered. And finally, if this is confusing (very likely tbh), or you have a question / idea, message me.

To begin, glitch into the dev warp room for the gauntlet and groundpound.

Your first orb (1)

Spring Field: Standard 100% Route (6)

Roblox Fun Fair: Standard 100% Route (12)

Shadow Temple: Normal Route (13)

Freezeflake Mountain: Standard 100% Route (19)

I recommend getting the power orb from the temple thing, massive help in the last fight.

Lenaru Desert 100% Route: (25)

Temple of the Goddess: (1) (20): Side clip through the key door, not an easy one but possible, lag clip might also work but it seems to be a 1 stud thick wall. Oh, and please, PLEASE get the checkpoint in case you die after clipping

Companion Guest: (2) (21): Here is a guide for the last part: Green and purple, left twice to reach the red platform. Press blue and wait till the sound effect begins playing, then press purple, and go right. Blue and green, left, and the rest is pretty easy.

Scolderon the Dragon (3) (22): (Note: the exit portal thing spawns in the middle)

The earth temple (4) (23): Side clip through the key door (this doesn't save an insane amount of time so if you feel better just getting the key, do that) After getting the hammer, use the sideways spring, skip getting the ghost powerup gotten by breaking the rocks and instead go to the key door, and now you have 2 options: 1: Clip into the room of, ghost blocks?, and grab the key and powerup. 2: Clip through the key door I find option 1 easier, but it is slower than 2 depending on how fast you do the clip, but not by much if you get the clips first try.

Make it the pao thing whatever it's called

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You can either get the golden visor now, or get it after doing Bramble blast, I recommend getting it after Bramble blast.

Bramble blast (5) (24)

Ghastly mansion (6) (25): The correct book is the pink one, there is only one of them practice the chase thing because i swear to god for me it is literally harder than anything else in this world

Light Temple: Standard Route (26)

Blastbang Volcano: (32)

Nostalgia Factory (1) (27)

Head forwards, grab the catapult checkpoint thing, and then

The Active Volcano (2) (28)

Catapult to the checkpoint and head left. To get to the temple, do this clip: Make sure to get the checkpoint.

Fire Temple (3) (29): Side clip into the temple. Once inside, skip getting the key and just side clip through the key door.

Catapult back to left checkpoint and

Life in the dark mines (4) (30)

Catapult to the middle checkpoint and head right

Boiling Rolling (5) (31): suffer (why the hell is it considered an easy orb)

Arena Fighter (6) (32): In case you're worried, after getting the plant, go give it to George before attempting any other challenge.

Whenever you give the plant to George (which gives the potion thing btw), buy

The big shop trade (33)

The air temple (34): The first giant powerup can actually be skipped by jumping on the last rocks and wall hopping over the invisible wall. Clipping through the key door is tough to save time with as the key is really quick to get. Side clip through the last key door ig

Roblox HQ (36):

The Shutdown (1) (35): Do the regular clips for Orb% (freeze clips pain me but they save time unless you spend 10 minutes trying a single one like me)

A Saved World (2) (36): suffer with final boss because it is the worst

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