discussion/skip thread: light potions
2 years ago
United States

so while messing around with potions and their effects i came across light potions, which seem to be a lot more practical than a lot of the other potions offered. there's a lot of skips that i already found shown here, and probably more available. they cost 25 visors and need to be bought from the shop (which can make up for a slight time loss). if anybody has any other ideas on where light potions could be used, let me know! (so far the two seemingly most practical skips as of now using this are the first ones shown)

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Ontario, Canada

it looks like its most useful in the light temple, doing that skip saves like 25 seconds


Some potions are locked at the start of the game. I don't know if the light potion is one of them

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yea, did a quick run-through and realized light potions are not viable for any%, 100% could be a possibility however


the question is if when you can get it. if you get it from beating the game I dont even think its worth it for 100% since you'd want to beat the final boss last

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2 months ago

you get the light potions from completing the main story sadly

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