Interesting Glitches and how to do them.
Interesting Glitches and how to do them.
Updated 3 years ago by EricFlo

First of all: Thank you "Glitchernothackr" for showing me these Glitches.

These Glitches are so far not useful in Any% or 100%.

  1. Infinite Shield (You will need the fairy companion) 1.1. Find a damage source that won't insta-kill you. A cactus or enemy should work. 1.2. Equip your fairy and activate the shield. 1.3. Unequip the fairy while the effect is active. 1.4. Infinite Shield until you die!

  2. Infinite Giant 2.1 Find the Powerup that makes you big (Lenaru Desert) 2.2 Go to the barrel area until the music changes 2.3 Congratulations! You will stay giant until you die! 2.4 Groundpound to make a BIG jump 2.5 Walk back to the crystal to time travel back in time to enter the hub.

It is almost Midnight as im writing this and I cant wait to try to find some skips

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