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6 years ago
French Southern Territories

Hello everyone,

I know that the community of Aquaria speedrunning is small. Some people think it might be a bad idea to have a discord. However, I think it's cool to have a place; it could be nice to help new runners to get info on the run instead of just "copy the World Record". I think the channel ownership should be given to vayarda and RCHelicoptR for obvious experience reasons and I'll give it ASAP. If the community is so small, noone will read my message, however I am still convinced some want to join. I've setup three roles in addition to ownership role:

  • Moderators (to moderate the discord in case of stupid spam)
  • Runners (to contact all the runners at once) without any power
  • Watch dog (for people who are interested in the run like me but not doing runs) without any power

I've made few text channels :

  • General : General talking

  • Offtopic : For usual shitpost that characterize THE INTERNET

  • Questions : Questions that everyone can ask about the run, likely to be how to beat a boss or for alternative routes

  • Resources : Only mods can post here useful links for speedrunning like the guides, pictures of stuffs ... etc

  • Routing : For routing questions

  • Race : Who knows, maybe a race will happen (it has a Race voice channel too)

  • Modding : Aquaria has modding features, and modding can be cool. Also involves mod speedrunning like the Super Meat Boy mod flippy skippy tricky flingy wingy swingy thingy.

  • TAS : PC TAS gets stronger every day (libTAS by Kilaye might be useful one day 👀 )

Finally, here is a link to the discord :


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