Need opinion about a glitch for the New World Record
5 years ago
Bretagne, France

Hello everyone,

Three weeks ago (sorry Horridhenry257, was in vacation), Horridhenry257 posted a new run for the Any%. It seems that he used a glitch with the framerate of the game : "Aquaria runs at the fastest frame rate your pc can do usually it's 250+ frames per second but if Aquaria is running at 100 or less frames a second you can pass though some soild objects so this only works on slow pc" (comment of Horridhenry257 for his run)

So I don't know if this kind of glitch can be approve on and I would to know your opinion about this glitch. If you think that this glitch is ok, I approve the run.

If you want to see the run, the link :

I think all the runs should be on 1 leader board or we divide the categorys by fast and slow frame rates

Bretagne, France

We could create different categories. Should we create a category for this kind of glitch (Slow Frame Rates%) or let Any% and create a category Any% No Slow Frame Rates ?

I think it should be 1 leaderboard but I would like to hear what RCHelicoptr thinks of this

Bretagne, France

Seems that the community is not active. So, I add your run on the leaderboard with a new option "Slow Frame Rate". Congrats for your PB and WR, it could be nice to see a run of you without this strat ;)

I don't actually have any pcs good enough to run Aquaria fast enough to not use the strat and I always like to speedrun games the fastest way possible. though I may use this strategy to go even faster I predict a 45 minutes run is possible.


Sorry I just see this now, Watching the video atm

Well great your here now


Just finished watching. You run on the steam version right Henry? If you press Shift+Tab, then click settings at the bottom and then click in-game you can turn on the FPS counter. At what FPS does the game run when you can swim through objects like that?

I play Aquaria on both steam and nonsteam versions and yes I used the steam fps counter I found it lets you pass though solid doors at 90 fps it does not let you though solid doors at 120 fps and at 45 fps you can go though soild doors but I got softlocked going by the steam with fish form

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Also I think the categories should be seperate because the two runs are quite different at numerous points, as this skips Energy Temple and Sunken City (but includes Sun Temple, which is neat). Also I want to try and see if I can get my PC to be this laggy and do a run of it but then if I submit the other run will disappear from the leaderboard :(


Henry how do you get 120 FPS????? It's supposed to run at 60

Your old run would not be gone just use show Obsoleted runs to see it again :)

Aquaria normally runs at 250 fps for me

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Bretagne, France

Hi everyone,

It's nice that you leaved your opinion RCHelicoptr. I think too that we should separate the runs in two categories. The argument of RCHelicoptr about his actual PB is pertinent and if he want to try this strat, he should delete his old run. Furthermore, it seems that this strat can be used only with the Steam version. I don't know if a lot of people use the original version to speedrun the game but some people can't reach the World Record because they don't have the good version.

It works on all versions of Aquaria it just does not work on fast pc's. why split the categorys now when RC helicopter completely redid the Aquaria route with the stopping time glitch. And if anyone does want to see the no slow frame rate world record they can just use filer no slow frame rate on

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Say Henry can you tell me a bit more about how you preform the glitch? Because I have been trying with lag that gets me below 40 FPS and I can't get anything out of the ordinary to happen.

Ok so I tried it on 3 different pcs with different amounts of ram cpu and memory as well as using 4 different screen recorders plus 1 screen sharing software and on 3 different versions of Aquaria. I found that it only cares about what speed your pc is and the screen recorder you use to lag it. bandi cam flashback recorder and DU screen recorder did nothing even when it got bellow 100fps. it does work with obs when obs is recording or ready to record Aquaria and Aquaria is running at 100fps or less. Note my obs is version 21.1.2 64bit Windows i only used this obs version so idk if this is important. Chrome remote desktop only got Aquaria down to 120 fps so idk if it will work. It never works when no recorders are running. On my newer pcs it works like in the video but on my old pc it also slowmos Aquaria. Here's my system specs which are probably important my old pc has 250 gigabytes of memory 2.7 gbs of cpu 3.3 gbs of ram runs on Windows 7 is 64 bit system and its core is i Pentium my 2 newer pcs have 500 gbs of memory 3 gbs of cpu 4 gbs of ram runs on Windows 7 is 64 bit system and it's core is i3 my other new pc has 250 gbs of memory 3.3 gbs of cpu 4 gbs of ram runs on Windows 7 is 32 bit system and its core is i3. I have a 4th pc so I'm gonna test it on that pc to now.


For me Aquaria is always capped at 60 FPS at most. How did you get past that? And what software did you use to record this video because aside from a few bad lag spikes it looks like a fairly stable 30 fps video to me.

I used obs recording at 30 fps for the video the only thing that's capped at 60 fps is the screen recorder Aquaria itself runs as fast as the pc can handle I have no clue why it's capped for you.

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