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Hey there,

we have been investigating Crouchclipping and Vsync-Clipping or -Teleporting for some days now. This is not a lot of time. However, a lot of reports have come in that make clear that these glitches not work for everyone the same and have individual components.

What I have heard so far is:
- that fps rates (which seem to be crucial to getting these skips) differ a great deal from setup to setup
- that some clips are easy for some, difficult for others, and impossible for others again
- that the length of having the game open and performing these glitches influences the probability of a crouch- or vsynch-clip to work
- that during a full run weird to bug-like occurences seem to happen for some runners (mostly All missions because its longer and these situations get more obvious)

The problem we are facing here is nothing less but the comparability of runs which is the fundament of a leaderboard. If these new glitches are random, we will only find out by collecting experiences by every runner. This not only means experiences in short term practice sessions, but in runs.

I suggest and would like to ask all of you to share your experiences possibly about all the skips (door by door) how difficult or easy you can do them, how you do them, and what setup you use. This way we will get to a common ground.

This is in my opinion a necessary and thorough step to not only understand this glitch better, but to make it work for a speedgame status. I still think, it is a great improvement. And I'm looking forward to see it properly working.


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My Experiences with Crouch Clipping without using V-toggling. I'm partially against V-toggling to begin with.

My main concern is the later missions, 15 onward for the All Missions Category. So far the only 2 runners that actually have attempted this category since the discovery of this glitch are myself and Cliffs.

- M2 Door is consistent. Haven't attempted the massive skip to ignore Axel.
- M6 Keycard Door is semi-consistent. Died once to the Alien.
- M6 ER Blue Door is not consistent at all
- M6 Door to skip vent is consistent
- M7 Door is not consistent for me
- M10 Door to skip save station terminal is consistent, top of the stairs to be specific. Haven't done the big skip just yet going into the vent.
- M11 Shutters aren't consistent, especially the one you have to clip through twice if you don't skip the entire mission.
- M12 is semi-consistent on both skips.
- M14 Easy clips. Consistent
- M15 Consistent, just takes time on the first one.
- M16 Soft-locked 3 times in 2 runs on the Red Mini-game in the Observatory. Other wise the mission runs properly.
- M17 Weird Alien behavior throughout the mission. Either completely absent in the first part or heavily aggressive in the 2nd part. The parts where I died were my own mistakes; but the Alien was definitely awkward to deal with in the 2nd run.

I haven't been able to complete a run with the crouch-clipping. I lose too much time to bother continuing due to deaths/soft-locking in M16. We need more people to run the game with this new glitch, especially All Missions and see what happens in the game that isn't standard patterns.

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