Crouch Clipping
7 years ago
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This one is big.

Major time saves using this glitch/mechanic have been discovered and tested in numerous missions, including M2, M3, M6, M7, M10, M11, M12, M13, M14, M15, and M16. We'll be sharing these and any new glitches/routing here and on Discord as they are compiled.

Special thanks to PackSciences, who first hinted at this glitch (), Chimpaneez, who inspired a fresh look (), and of course everyone who has helped or will help explore this magic.


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¤Updated strats¤ Hey there my happy fellows,

this truly amazing find we have give big shoutouts for to Infomastr and Chimpaneez. They tried it out and got it working. Good Job!

There now are several things involving this new finding. First:

  1. How far is it applicable?

  2. What do we need to change in our leaderboards, as in new categories?

  3. Do we maybe need to adjust rules, as in fps-caps, macros, or scripts to change binds within a run?

  4. How far is it applicable? There are several conditions making this thing work (assumably so far): a) The door must somehow not be protected by a wall that will first be removed after completing objectives or pressing buttons (elevators) b) Not all doors are skippable. (will update this with screenshots later) c) The higher the fps, the easier the clip.

The following skips have been found (with rough timesafe estimations compared against my last run): (will be updated with clips) M2: M2 2-Big-Doors-Skip = 1:00-1:10 (minutes)

M2: M2-Skip: Skips basically all of M2

M6: Keycard-Door-Skip: 0:20 M6: Hideout-Door-Skip: M6: Vent Skip at the end: 1:25

M7: Keycard-Door-Skip (involves skipping Hacking and killing the joe): 0:30 (didn't get it)

M10: Systech Lobby Vent Skip: 2:00

M11 5-Doors-Skip: 1:30 (if decently fast)

M12: Generator Room Skip: 0:35

M12: Samuels Death door skip: 0:50

M13: Apollo-Skip:

M14: Start Elevator Skip: 0:15

M14: Tram Obstacle Skip: 0:05

M14: Lifted Car Skip: 0:50

M14: Reactor Elevator Door Skip: ?? (doesn't seem to work because of the different levels the elevator connects

M14: Reactor-Elevator-Skip: 0:15

M15: Ambulance Door Hack Skip: 0:08 (didn't get that in my first tries)

M15: Anesidora Hugger Door Skip: 1:45 M15: Two Hack Door Skips: 0:07

M16: Control-Room-Skip:

These are working skips. The total amount of time saved could be (if fast) about 11 minutes.

  1. What do we need to change in our leaderboards, as in new categories?

These skips are big, but not as big that they couldn't be understood as a "natural" evolution of Any% strats. Therefore I think having this glitch being used in Any% would be ok.

Macros and Rules: On the other hand, going down this road, we might find further skips that rely on this technique, but might only be achieved by the use of macros, outside tools. Then we could also take the Ps4-Exclusive in and had to make a new category.

Who is interested in keeping the old run as it is? I find it charming only having the peekclip in it, but I'm not clingy about it I think.

3)Do we maybe need to adjust rules, as in fps-caps, macros, or scripts to change binds within a run?

This touches the question of seperate categories.

Scripts: Since you may have to have mwheel up and mwheel down bound to "crouch" to achieve this, you might within a run not be able to have mwheel used for "use". Then we would have to have scripts to change these binds to activate generators fastly. Does this even work?

FPS-Cap: Not all of the runners that have tested this glitch so far did get through all of the doors we know can be clipped through. This is very likely due to fps-differences. How do we handle this? I have no idea.

First report. A lot to do. I like it ;)

Greetings qd

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French Southern Territories

In two years and a half, A:I Out of Bounds category confirmed sub one hour.

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United States

Probably not even that long. Cliffs and I were able to get through elevators in M14 that are structurally identical (or largely similar) to the one you take at the end of M17 (to M18 tow platform). Once you get to that elevator, from any mission, the game assumes you beat everything up to that point. So you can essentially go from the start of M4 (you need the hack tuner from M3 to beat M18, and also need a revolver for the facehuggers), to Solomons, through two shutters (crouch clipping) back to the spaceflight terminal. Then through the ion torch door and the elevator to M18. Will be sub 1hr :D

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And there it is.

In light of the magnitude of this skip, a new any% category has been created, and existing runs will be classified as either "nightmare all missions" or "novice all missions" runs. These categories WILL ALLOW use of crouch-clipping to skip portions of missions (and as such, there is 12-15 minutes of possible time save over the current world records), but will NOT ALLOW use of crouch-clipping to do the "big skip" (from M3/M4-M18).

Low% has been renamed to "Low% All Missions," and will also require runners to complete every mission, but will allow crouch-clipping to skip portions of missions.

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French Southern Territories

deIlluminati L deIlluminati E deIlluminati G deIlluminati A deIlluminati C deIlluminati Y deIlluminati

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United States

FYI, toggling vsync (specifically, going from the "off" to "on" state) in the game options makes certain crouch-clips easier. The benefit of it appears to come from the transition, not from having a locked frame rate, and it "wears off" after a short period of time (making it necessary to turn vsync off again and allowing FPS to stabilize before turning it back on).

Thanks to Cliffs for discovering this!

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United States

@Cliffs and @StreamingFire have done something truly special by clipping out of bounds in the M2 spaceflight terminal and falling into the cutscene at the end of the mission where Axel is killed by the alien. It essentially skips the entire mission. VOD/tutorial to follow.


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Overijssel, Netherlands

This one is not so big, but big.

Saves for about 8 minutes in M2, bye bye axel, bye bye :D

Video of it being tried 3 times in a row.

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Another possible setup for M18 elevator clip:

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South Australia, Australia

Another revision of the M13 Apollo clip and fall:

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Nevada, USA

FYI I gave it a honest try last night and couldn't do it on PS4. Any suggestions on what is the easiest wall/door to clip? I tried M2 large lobby after the hanging electrical circuit. Door across room you can use the torch on. This seemed like an easy door..

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United States

The first shutter in M11, the cart at the start of M14 (blocking the save station), or the observatory railing in M16 (with the three minigames) might be easier than the doors.

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French Southern Territories

OMG the one who did that video years ago is a fucking dumbass, he didn't even figured out to clip doors by himself + he didn't share his video enough. OMG you should ban him.

Czech Republic

If you'll discover a glitch that allows you to skip whole mission 9, let me know please because i hate it. :-D

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HA you'd be lucky XD There's absolutely no way you can skip this entire mission in cc only as you're walking to slow for CC. There is a skip in CC+FPS however that saves 1 minute.

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