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So this is a pretty awesome trick. Not only does it increase the range of the stun baton dramatically, but also makes it instantaneous and it can go through solid walls. I also think the extended range of it is probably equal or near to that of the flamethrower, maybe more, I'm not 100% sure though. I found it while trying out the stuff Info was talking about to do with cancelling attack animations using peek on Joes, etc. to get faster attack speeds.

Doing it is pretty simple, you just need to find the right speed at doing it. Simply hold right mouse button to bring it up, then left click to attack, instantly let go of left and right mouse buttons, then hold the peek key, then press right mouse button again. Hopefully that's an okay explanation. Also be careful when doing it near say a wall or something, because otherwise if you fail, you'll end up using a charge on the wall.

But yeah, this allows you to kill the security guy behind the shutters at the start of M11, making it safe and fast while saving flamethrower fuel.

Also as a side note, you can also quickly cancel the shotgun cocking animation using the same method. This allows you to get a bunch of shotgun shots off really quickly.

I made a highlight as well of me doing it at M11, shown here:

Another potential use would be say after the server hub in M10, if you get bad RNG and one of the pistol guys is in the way to the Labs elevator, you can stun baton him quickly without wasting fuel.

Hopefully we can find more places this is useful, even though we're given so little charges on actual runs.

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So it looks like it's just a timing question and it works pretty consistently. This trick is nice and might be applied to m7 too for example.

Really interesting is to shoot many shots with the shotgun in short time. Speed is twice as fast i guess. The same goes for reloading the bolt gun after a certain point of the loading animation, also twice as fast i guess.

Very interesting find. The stun charges are rare. So that's a problem.

I could imagine we find some other things involving peek.



Nice find!

You can even activate the robot first, it gives you a few extra seconds to attempt to stun the guard.

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