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For those who don't care for twitter.

Basically; long story short. I'm done with Speedrunning Alien: Isolation. The card refuses to work properly with this game. (Which absolutely makes 0 sense. It's an AMD card with a game that was made alongside AMD..)

Long Story Long.
I've trouble shot it and the only thing that made sense was drivers. Because it ONLY happens with this game. Reinstalled the drivers and it still happens. I can't be asked to continue with this kind of silly shenanigans. So I'm sorry to say this; but I'm actually legitmantly done with this game in terms of speedrunning. My Any% time will most likely be removed; and my 100% time will stay the way it is as a basic benchmark for people who might want to run that category.

It's been fun.. and painful at the same time. I'll still be around in the community but I'm "retiring" from this game in terms of speedrunning. At the very least I'm done with the Campaign; but I'm not going to mindless grind Safe Haven for a sub 16 time or spam basement. I'd like to retain what sanity I have left.

I wish that you all understand my frustration and hope to see you all in my channel even though it will not be Alien anymore. If you don't come around; I'm sorry to see you go. I'm still me.. unless you come for the speedrun and not for the person. (Yes; I went there.) Take care, and I'll hopefully see you around in my studio.

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Hey ruuj,

im very sorry to hear that. Maybe there are proper drivers in the future or somewhere. Hopefully you get your problem solved.

Please don't remove your any% time. It's alright even if you might not like it. It would be a loss.

As I understand it, the problem occured during first loadings of the level? So there might still be a chance for you to run lost contact or safe haven?



Sorry 🙁


Qckdth; please read the part where I said "It's been fun..." and that should answer the question about Safe Haven. Lost Contact; no. Read my other thread.


Sorry to hear that Ruuj. I will still try to catch up your streams, no matter what you stream

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