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Hi guys

This is long overdue but due to the fact that we have more and more runners I've changed all the rules of all categories and added this line here:

"Game corruption, random memory leaks by keeping the game open for too long and other non-reproducible glitches are not allowed."

I think we all agree that this has nothing to do with skill. That's exactly why I stopped with the dialogue glitches in the campaign 🙂 This basically means a glitch has to be reproducable by anyone. Manipulating the game BEFORE the run even started and stuff like that is not allowed. Manipulation DURING a run (not by a third party program of course) is allowed...That means if you can corrupt the game during the run by save and reload an stuff like that you are free to go BUT it has to be 100% consistent from a fresh load of the game otherwise the run will be rejected.

I hope that clears things up for new runners and keeps the runs clean and fun for everyone 🙂

you guys are all awesome and I really appreciate every run I can catch! I hope more runners will follow and are able to experience the fun of an alien isolation speedrun 🙂

cu all online o/

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  [user deleted]

AS the one who seemingly set this off let me make this CLEAR! I didn't PURPOSEFULLY manipulate the game beforehand. We don't KNOW if it's reproducible yet. I have many, many, MANY hours enjoying this game with ALL of you, helping EVERYONE, my WORD on this should be good enough considering my history with all of you.

- Dan

EDITED to remove nasty comment.

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BTW, Safe Haven's WR seemed to be set in stone and accepted that Saturnine's time was KING! UNTIL Ruuj, Info and I ran it, used current strats, MADE new ones and yes... even found clips! That ADDS more to the community.

EDITED to remove snarky comment!


100% agree with this, which is why I was the very first person to point out that my run did not have a dialogue glitch (after I concluded the glitch had nothing to do with in-run manipulation and entirely based on reloading pre-run saves).

To twitchy's point, the SH glitch that allows certain mission skips (which seems to be a controversy) is inconsistent with the dialogue glitch in the main campaign. The SH glitch can be produced intra-run, from a cold boot and without save reload abuse. While the exact sequence required to obtain it every time is not yet clear (and the motivation to spend countless further hours to discover it are dwindling considering the response of certain community members), there definitely appears to be one.


I am not accusing anyone twitchy, I know you don't do this purposefully 🙂... just wanted to point it out for new runners. I know there were some differences but honestly I don't think it is worth getting upset 🙂 it is just a game we don't win anything here, we do it for fun, at least that's why I am doing it 🙂

And speedrunwise I don't really care for the ingame leaderboards in the survivor modes. A speedrun is only valid with video evidence and has to be validated by the community (that's the main rule for every game I guess). So the only valid speedruns are submitted to this website if you really want to compare times, everything else is just a number in the wild 🙂

Nobody is questioning what you did for the game... I love your yolo strats 😉

I hope you guys can settle your differences and we can continue to make love not war 😃

As for survival speedruns I would suggest that we record every run and submit it to this site even if it is a basement run.


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@Infomastr I am fully with you...if you can reproduce it intrarun it's 100% valid for me 🙂

  [user deleted]

Does Info or myself have an RTA run submitted here WITH this glitch? NO. It's pretty obvious we're both self aware AND fair enough to make it "right" before we'd submit that!

EDITED to remove another snarky comment 😉


and thats totally fine 🙂 I think everyone here knows whats fair and whats not. Never doubted it.

I think we state here and now that the leaderboard times for survivor mode without video evidence are hereby nullified 😃

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Even though I'm not running anymore I guess I can still say what I think.

Safe Haven should be RTA'd. Bottom line. An IGT that resets is stupid silly, so to agree with Psycho's point with the "Official" Leaderboards are to be completely ignored unless there is video evidence of the run.

As for the segment skip glitch; a separate thread will be made to discuss it if people would like to continue looking into it. The people that don't like it can say their reasons as to why. For people who encourage it they can go out and -prove- it can be reproduced in a controlled environment (To prove it isn't RNG if it happens or not. That is what you all need to find.)

- Ruuj Rubellite

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