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Hey there everybody,

our community got really active lately, and we've done a lot of optimisation in the game. All the DLCs and of course the main categories for campaign have lots of improvements and almost all the new glitches and strats in them. Times have come down a lot. Although we got new runners, we need to think of ways to hold ourselves fresh, and get up new challenges.

That's why I suggest, we write a Letter to Creative Assembly to please give us access to kind of an Alien:Isolation Level Editor. Then we can go further into the game, do real speedrun levels and get into modding. And modding of course, as you all will be very much aware, always secured the vitality of a game community.

So what do you think about this? How should we do this? What's the best approach, and what might be needed in case of technical difficulties? Are there ways we can help CA make this easier for them so they won't feel it's impossible to do?


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