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I am PackSciences from France.
I was following a while ago A:I speedrunning, I even tried at home but my computer could barely handle the game.
Then, I had to go to school, to work, stuffs like that and I was away for a few months and I think the whole community forgot about me :'( .
But I have a new PC and I am currently downloading Alien:Isolation and I hope this computer will handle it.
Are there tutorials with newest strats somewhere ?
I've seen some of you guys streaming but not during a while because I had a lot of stuffs to do.

I honestly want to be a part of your community.


Cool. You probably just need to watch some of the newer runs for strategies. We should use this forum more.

Good luck!


Sadly the new/old PC can handle only DX10.1 and not DX11 like required for A:I.
I'll need to find a new graphic card and then it would be good.


I reused two of my old computers, bought three low cost graphic cards, reinstalled Alien:Isolation three times.
And you know what's cool, at this current moment, I can play Alien:Isolation on low details but with correct FPS rate. It's really hard to find a cheap graphic card these days 😕
The bad thing is that the game works only in my old computer, which is far from my modem. Which means I have a really really low internet, which means I will probably not stream the game, but I can local record and upload it to YouTube.
I planned learning all the levels one by one using the level leaderboard and doing each levels one by one.


Hey there packsciences,

thx for your response in the other thread again. How are you? What's up with your A:I plans? We're looking forward to see some of your runs!



I still have to find a good internet.
I could technically start running but I need to learn all individual mission strats because a lot of improvements have been done during this year.
I just need to find some time to continue the learning since A:I is a very long speedrun.

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