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Hey there,

so after having had several people trying to get the Elevator Skip to mission 18, we've so far had different success. Some strats work for some people and for others not. Some can't get through the doors at all at the moment. In my opinion this M18 Elevator skip needs to have a seperate topic since it is the main issue in the any% category. I feel it is important to get a setup for everyone. That's why I would like everybody to share your setups to get this skip working for others to come.

Here is my approach of getting through the doors.

There is 3 doors, the big torch door, the first elevator door, and the second elevator door. I've made four seperate videos; 3 for getting through the doors successfully, and one for slipping out of the first elevator door when trying to get through the second elevator door. (What you see mostly are the successful attempts. Sometimes it took some time to get through. This time you can think of as "working" the door. I dont know what this working part could be responsible for in eventually getting through.) This is a crucial point in getting this setup done, and the hardest part for those who didn't get through the door at all. I can't exactly tell you yet how it works, and i hope that we can figure this out together by looking at the material.

M18 Elevator Skip: First Door

M18 Elevator Skip: First Elevator Door

Slipping out of the second Elevator door majorly is imo a result of wrong alignment, but also of the two states to be within the space between first and second elevator door. There is a state where you're kind of periodically getting pushed like a pulse, and there is one state where you're not. I feel like it is a question of momentum, the running and the pulsating, the bobbing back and forth when running within the door.

My setup when being in the door is to walk up to the middle of the door, which you cannot pass. The goal is to get behind the middle of the first elevator door to be kind of pressed into the second elevator door and, if everything goes right, into the elevator itself. To achieve that, I align my cursor in the middle at or above the line in this picture.

The closer I look to the corner of the floor panel, but always below an imaginary line (first line) from one corner to the other, the easier I slip into the middle between the elevator doors, but the higher is my risk to actually slip out in some situations it seems. The further I look to the right (along the second line, which seems to be a good vertical compensation for horizontally looking further to the right), the harder it is for me to slip into the middle, but the safer I am not to slip out. I never point the cursor inside the floor panel.

M18 Elevator Skip: First Elevator Door Slip out

M18 Elevator Skip: Second Elevator Door

The scrollspeed between the two elevator doors to get into the elevator has to be moderate, but a little quick. If it is too fast, you slip out or get stuck; inputs eat themselves. If you are too slow, you dont get into the middle and cant progress into the elevator.

So this is my experience with it. As you can see, slip outs happened often. I activated vsync in the beginning to try stuff, and feel like this could cause the slip outs while not using vsync at all makes it more consistent to get through having the cursor pointed to the panel corner. But I dont know yet 🙂


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This is my preferred setup for M18 at the moment:
(1) Walk without crouch clipping for a period into the right side of the elevator
(2) Toggle vsync from OFF to ON. Before you "apply" the change, hit ESC to reduce the number of menus you have to "back out" of after applying the change.
(3) Hold FORWARD and RUN and crouch-clip through the outer elevator door by scrolling the mousewheel at a medium to high rate. It may vary by mouse but should be easier if both MWHEEL_UP and MWHEEL_DOWN are bound to CROUCH. You should be able to see the inner elevator.
(4) When you see the inner door, stop crouch-clipping and continue to hold FORWARD and RUN while looking UP toward where the ceiling of the inner elevator would be. Because VSYNC is now enabled, Amanda will be much more likely to automatically crouch (and crouch-clipping will be seemingly broken). However, running will force her to stand.
(5) When Amanda is standing, and the center of the screen (crosshair/reticle) is above the black mark in the right side door, do a SMALL SCROLL (~6 notches at most) as she reaches her full upright position. I.e., a few notches down and a few notches up in the MWHEEL. You should go through the inner door.

Another video (with Nohboard)

Another video (with Nohboard)

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