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A Hat in Time Forum  /  Can you run on a pirated version of the game (Locked)
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Perhaps support the developer by buying their game, or play a game you can afford. Plenty of fun webgames out there. However, I doubt anyone would be able to tell if you do play a pirated version. Just feel really bad about yourself and give yourself lashings or something. 😛

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Also, do you think Hat will go on sale soon, like steam winter sale, or should I just pay full price now


I would probably expect a 15-20% off during the winter sale; but the game really is fantastic. I rarely (maybe never?) pay full price for big games, but AHiT is worth it if you'll still have money to eat aftewards 😛

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It's most likely not. It just came out recently

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I doubt anyone will be able to tell if you're running on a pirated version on the game so it's mostly up to you being ethically ok with doing so and also being ready to accept consequences that occur if anyone finds out you do run on a pirated version. I would ping the mods if you're concerned about that to have them take a stance on it because right now it's probably allowed.

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Melwind I don't appreciate your attitude

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I'm very sorry that you didn't appreciate my attitude in your thread about pirating games. Given the subject, I thought I was quite polite and accommodating.

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That's your opinion. You're not really "sticking it to the man" here, though, since GFB is an indie company. Do what you like, but I doubt anybody will support you pirating this game.

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GFB is an indie dev that literally started from nothing and were still able to make an amazing game. And you want to pirate it.

Like it or not, you're not the morally pure one in this argument.

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For older games I can understand pirating to try and then later buying to support as able or if played frequently, since they can be hard to find and sometimes they can cost a fair bit on ebay or the like.

But yes what others said here, it's an indie dev and the game itself is fantastic. Pirating at most should just be as a psuedo playable demo, but the game's quality and the price are fair. Do unto others what you would have them do to you, if you're okay with stealing then get them greasy speedrun times.


The game doesn't even cost that much, like 20 euro's I think? It is well worth your money. And as for being able to run on a pirated version, you probably can as most pirated versions aren't really updated past the 1.0 version. I think. But I really suggest you buy the game, ESPECIALLY if it's on sale! It really is a bargain.


Shame on you if you pirated this game.


this is a 2 years old thread

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whole thread is virtue signaling KeK

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stop necroing this pls

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