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I guess this is also kinda my informal welcome to the community. I was pulling an all-nighter last night to study for a final and do practice tests. I would take intermittent breaks and do a run so I didn't burn myself out. On one of these runs I just entirely whiffed the last jump during the DwtM cut scene skip so going into the mafia boss fight i wasn't taking it too seriously. So i started with the normal hit for his first spin charge cycle (I don't know all the exact community names for things) he then normally went into a sandbag cycle. When he was jumping back on stage I mistakenly jump dashed towards him. I passed under him just missing his character model. When he landed he paused for a second then went straight into his phase change animation and proceeded to phase 2. I was a little surprised so i finished out the fight in the usual method finishing in a quick kill. I stopped the run and started replaying DwtM. I was able to get the same results multiple times. The setup being dashing within about half of a hat beneath him about a single jump above the stage (I know these are janky measurement descriptions) as he is reentering after a sandbag cycle. I am fully aware that it could have been a weird occurrence like somehow being localized to that specific save file. I couldn't repeat it earlier today when i got home but to be fair my brain was so fried from lack of sleep and mental exhaustion at that point i could hardly perform anything. Just thought I'd share with the community as a whole and that maybe those of y'all who are more skilled than I am and with more knowledge of how the game works could use this to figure out if there is something of value there. Even if this never leads to anything i hope to lend somehow to the legacy of this fantastic speed game going forward.

Your friendly Texan nerd,


Do you know what patch you were playing on? Also might be better to discuss/post this in the speedrunning Discord.


Version 1.0

And okay thanks


Did you die first? He switches phases quicker when you've died