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This will be a collection of categories that are on their way to being made. All of these require 3 runners to get on the board, and any current runners of it are listed. If you want to get these categories on the board, do runs of them and respond either here or in the discord, and if it hits the threshold of 3 runners, it'll get added.

Main Game Categories:

Any% 2 Hat Kids:
- sonicyellow
- Suar:

Any% Bow Kid:
- Doka
- Chockrit:

Without DLC ATP Bow Kid:
- HardcoreCheese5:

All Acts Solo:
- alimetnos:

Low% (rules: ):
- Wivaiien:

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Would you mind explaining what each of these categories are? Aside from Low%, for which you've linked the rules, I don't have an idea of what the other categories are.

EDIT: The link to the rules for Low% doesn't seem to work, either.


The link should work now. I figured the category names were pretty self-explanatory, but here's each one:

Any% 2 Hat Kids is any% with two hat kids, 1 player 2 controllers. This is run on pre_dlc1 branch.

The two ATP categories are with Bow Kid, the coop character, again 1 player 2 controllers.


For anyone unaware of the differences, I'll list them briefly:

- Solo Kid

These categories should preserve what the leaderboards looked like before the DLC released. All the work getting Any% and ATP to where they are now won't go to waste just because of a patch. But if any new patch is found to be faster than old patches, those are fair game in these categories as long as Coop mode is never used.

- Bow Kid

The Coop release allows for a lot of neat tricks that didn't used to be viable or possible. You can leave one Kid in an important place and then go do stuff with the other, then switch back to the first Kid to save backtracking. You can also spawn Bow Kid inbounds behind thin walls and doors with certain setups. These kinds of tricks drastically change the run and so aren't fair to compare to Solo Kid. In Any%, using Bow Kid 1p2c would save ~30s over Solo Kid. Also note that Coop mode is a base game mechanic, and thus does not require the DLC to be installed. This is the reason ATP has a couple extra splits compared to Any%.

- 2 Hat Kid

This refers to playing the game on the Modding Support Patch with the Seal The Deal DLC installed, aka Mod+DLC. Basically this tricks the game into activating many features which, when the Mod Patch was released, were still in development and very unfinished. Obviously this introduces many bugs and unintended behaviors not present on any other version.

The most notable of these is that Coop can be enabled in the pause menu, and when enabled a second Hat Kid spawns. The second Hat Kid can move while the other is doing actions which would normally lock out movement for both characters, such as entering a Time Rift, grabbing a Timepiece, or opening a level select telescope. Additionally, the pause menu is accessible and functional virtually anywhere, allowing Back-to-Hub instantly after grabbing almost any Timepiece (saves at least 6s each, more in case of Time Rift roulettes). Just in Any%, these tricks would save upwards of 3 minutes on any other version of the game, Solo Kid or Bow Kid.

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Hi. Is there any chance that a category will be added to make 100% of the game (All Time Pieces) but in a Glitchless way? I think it may be an interesting category since you could not use any of the glitches that allow skips that cut a lot of time. I ask it because recently I have made a run of that type and I would like to submit it.


If enough people would run this surely. If you are the only person doing that then it is not necesarry to be added. I would ask in the discord as well, not many people are actively checking the srdc forums

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