Proposed Time Attack Platform Split
6 years ago
United States

It has recently come to our (my) attention that different platforms of running the game have vastly different lag, and this heavily impacts certain time attack routes. In the interest of fair competition, I am proposing the following changes to the time attack section:

  1. PS1/PS2 and PS3/Emulator subcategories This has the effect of keeping the laggy versions together and unbanning emulator with its incorrect lag emulation. Emulation would still be at a disadvantage here, and could potentially be split off into its own category. PSTV and Vita would be categorized under 'laggy' and 'lagless' after further testing. Different PS2 models do vary slightly, but this is a matter of frames instead of tenths.

  2. Reasoning eednob has obtained several timestops on PS3 beyond what is even possible on PS2. Hot Springs yielded a 2.37 on the third attempt, where the best known PS2 start is 2.38 out of thousands of starts. Dexter's Island was more obscene, quickly getting a 3.52 when the best ever PS2 start is 3.72, a full 0.2 difference. To me, this is too much for the versions to be compared.

However, I do not want this decision to be seen as protecting "my" records, even though this is half true. Let me quote myself from earlier today in the Discord. : [1:43 AM] IHNN: Is it bad that I feel like the fairest thing to do is also the thing that advantages me the most? [1:43 AM] IHNN: (subcat for PS1/PS2 and subcat for PS3/Emu) [1:43 AM] eednob: I don't think we should do that [1:44 AM] eednob: But, I can see how you feel that way [1:44 AM] IHNN: I'm too invested in this to step back and make an actually objective decision [1:44 AM] IHNN: But I still feel like I'd want that split even if I came along with PS3 to beat existing times [1:45 AM] parsoFish: egh it feels so bad splitting official hardware [1:45 AM] IHNN: (would also allow unbanning emu from time attacks- less lag means no problem when compared with even LESS lag) [1:45 AM] parsoFish: if im honest [1:46 AM] IHNN: Like I feel like if it's split it's because I don't want my times getting beaten, which is half true [1:46 AM] IHNN: I don't mind if they're beaten [1:46 AM] IHNN: I just don't want it to be because of hardware putting a worse played time on top/skewing things ... [2:07 AM] eednob: Ps3 isn't really fair

So, I turn the discussion over to the community. What are your thoughts?

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Queensland, Australia

My position on this remains the same as other games in that official hardware is official hardware and while it is hard to accept spending money to go fast is something speedrunning in general has held true for at least since ive been around. I believe that people in the community arent going to forget the strength of runs already held by IHNN because they get beaten by someone on ps3. My opinion probably lacks empathy but i feel objectivity on topics relating to the leaderboards is best and in my opinion as long as its official its objectively fine.

Virginia, USA

I agree with parso, as its individual hardware. Pac_ already had a problem with adding psn downloads as compared to retail copies earlier when we were doing ape 3 stuff. But if you are going to subcategorize the systems, would you not categorize the types of ps2s? as some are "less laggy" than others. It stands with "a ps2 is a ps2" as parso said hardware is hardware. might aswell keep it that way. if you're keen on seperating them, use "Platforms Obsolete Each Other" for TA settings.

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