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A nice short category where u need to get all of challenges done that have multipliers on them. Little bit of rng should be fine (Mario party can be speedrunned). One problem could be if u already have items on u (like plant a tree) but that could be in the rules. Other problem could be if there are more multiplied challenges the further in the game u progress (but maybe just make it 5?) Thoughts?

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Ey, nice idea! Starting for a new file or with a started file prepared? I think is better with a started one to the category be to do that challenges, because if is starting with a new file you basicaly need to do a "First Debt" run and after finish it automaticaly go to fastly unlock the Nook Miles + and do it, so yeah; and by the way also aproaching that with that is more accesible to run it for the people without 2 switches and with a nice count, doesnt having to have a new file Logical? In all case, there can be also a middle point that consist on start with a new player but in a created island, without been the first of reach to that island

In fine, nice

I think the rules would need tuning but could definitely could be possible. Like maybe doing a only have tools in ur inventory so, for example, u can’t start with a tree in ur inventory to plant

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Also, only being able to do one run a day per account might be bummin but it could also be a nice break for somebody resetting debt runs

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Ey, well,yeah, forgoted to say before, but I do a run of it, aproaching the x2 of today in Took Milles + Time: 13:54,48 (of course at my timer, have to retime it to the exact yeah xd) Well, completly improvised run, and realy stupid Have to be improved by a lot, the most if I have a better luck Well, in general, now I think, it was realy nice, but with the problema of a singe 1 of the 5 challenges: Fish an "Amarguillo" (it was in spain, so in english I can imagine it have a diferent name, but yeah, a type of fish) So i been by the river doing rounds and rounds looking for small fishes that can be this exact type of fish, and by the way doing the other challenges Also a bit desesperate the final challenge I bet of get 5000 of money XD In all case, have to say there where not the tipicals of "5 fhises" or "5 insect" or things like that, and also would be worst in this run "explote a flying baloon" (what you have to found it) or something like that, so, if I think well, maybe it been relativitly lucky the run In general, the most is that I realy doesnt prepare the objects and nothing before the run, and also play realy bad Have to practice more the improvisation of this game yeah Ps: the best is the camera challenge XD

In all case I prove tomorrow hom much luck I have

Edit: just now realice of how much I write, wow, I realy doesnt have nothing better to do tan resume my runs yeah XD

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Nice run! If this would actually become a category, I think the rng would just have to be something u deal with. But also can u get a challenge like “catch _____ fish” but that fish isn’t at ur island (like a fish only available from one of the mystery tours)

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Don't really know if this could become it's own category per say but it could be a fun challenge nonetheless ^^ ... kinda like the bingo challenge in other games, but using one of the game's feature. I'm interested in trying it, it can be fun ^^ ... But the rules are kinda flimsy right now... and I think it need a bit more thoughts before people could really engage in this sort of challenge ^^

First question : Do we have access to items at the begining of the challenge ? Just tools ? Which tools ? Wouldn't it be more fun to have to find and craft the items we need to complete the challehge ? If the answer to the last question is yes, can we use our workbench or do we need to use Tom Nook's ?

Second question : Is the player allow to setup the island beforehand ? Planting flowers only around the player's house, planting trees nearby, putting its house near the water can be viable strategy to allow a quicker completion of some of the tasks. What about putting items on the floor in advance ? Is that allowed ? Is using the shop okay ?... Speaking of which, at what point of the island development should we be ? Because if we play on a island without the shop, for example, we can't have a task about spending or gaining bells... which can be seen as a thoughest task than catching five bugs. Speaking of bells, do we have bells at the start of the challenge ?...

I think it's the biggest roadblock in the idea of this challenge becoming a run category : things can be done before the real beginning of the run. Things can be set up. And nothing can prove that the player hasn't look at the tasks before begining the recording, thus letting him plan his path.

So... yeah... I have some reservations about all of this. But at the same time, it sounds kind of fun and I want to try it ^^ ... But the challenge must have some ground rules first. And even with them, I don't really know if it would work as a run ^^

@_Brendan : As far as I could see, the task "Catch some type of fish" always seems to concern a fish catchable on the island at the time of the task (month and hour of the day).

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@Zelbulon well, probably youre true with the rules I if have to write rigth now, something like:

  • The objective of this category is to finish the 4 challengens at x2 of a day of Took Milles + as fast as posible
  • You play it with an started player on an started island
  • The timer start when you press "A" button to enter to the game, and the Toom Nook speak also is part of the run; and the timer end in the exact frame the post the last x2 Took Milles + you beat disappear of the screen
  • Playing in the option of an started island, it have to be in an island where you reach at least to have Tendo and Nendo
  • In the run, you cant start with nothing in your inventory / you can start only with the 7-8 tools you should can have [INDEFINID RULES this we have to decide better yeah]
  • Have seen with the before one, also you cant take nothing of your house
  • You cant take also nothing of the ground aproached before; ex.: you cant put a Nintendo Switch in the ground and then in the run take it to sell it; Whatever, if you put some flowers in the island in any momento before of the run, for example if you have a challenge like "water 8 flowers", you can beat the challenge with any of those one, of course

In respect of the rule without definid, well, in my run I was using the bad tools, so, if the tools where not allowed, I break the rules, and if yes, I doesnt aproach it, cause I should use better tools to those doesnt been broken in the middle of the run XD

In respect of "see it before start", well, a stupid question that whatever im not sure: Tom Nook appear in the screen with the daily news when you enter at the game being not the first day of the game you enter? This can sound stupid, but I dont remember XD So, yeah, that, because if it doesnt appear again, we just put in the rules that it have to be the first time you enter with Toom Nook appearing, no?

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Okey, I prove it, and, yeah, the daily news doesnt appear at second time you enter! :D So, basicaly, a new rule:

  • The run must have to be done starting the first time you enter to game; to prove this, that first time Toom Nook have to appear before you can start playing the game to give the news

so yeah, nice

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I think:

  • you should be allowed to have tools and nothing else in your inventory (or maybe even have a sub category of no tools to start)
  • anything on the ground before the run starts will not be allowed to be picked up (anything that is breaking this will not be accepted as a run)
  • I feel island development shop have Timmy and tommy available to buy from but really just as far as u need it to complete the tasks
  • I think the player should be allowed to look at the challenges before hand (maybe make the start of the time when they first move from wherever they spawn so that they can show they have no progress on any challenge) (also because in most runs for any game, u have a planned route already)
  • bells: put all bells away in the ABD for the purpose of the challenge (so u can get them later)
  • NO using storage to grab items from
  • the island can be developed in whatever best helps ur run (where u put ur house for example) Hopefully I answered ur questions @Zelbulon
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Also about the bells: any bells before the run go in the ABD and any bells during the run can stay on u to buy stuff (like the spend 5000 bells challenge) This was just in case the bells section wasn’t clear

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@_Brendan nice The only, that of "I feel island development shop have Timmy and tommy available to buy from ´but really just as far as u need it to complete the tasks´" Well, put just that is posible to use whatever have to seen with the shop

So, yeah, maybe should be better if you can prepare the run In this case, for the "when start", I think it should be a good idea to enter to your house, and then to out to start the run, and with this the timer start when the door is closed when you out of the house or something like that, no?

Yeah maybe the door but it would really be important to make sure we can see they haven’t made any progress in any challenge yet

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