anyone interested in running?
3 years ago
Illinois, USA

whats everyone's all debts pb so far. i love changing the system clock

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Toronto, ON, Canada

I'm down but I'm getting it tmo.

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United Kingdom

i got the game

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United States
He/Him, They/Them
3 years ago

I'm up for a run

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Yup im ready for some fast gliches

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Chapel Hill, NC, USA

I'm about to do a blind run rn lol

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Ontario, Canada

I like animal crossing lol 🐵

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Yamanashi, Japan

I already ran First debit. I need a leaderboard.

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JESUS can't ya all have fucking fun on day 1 it's ANIMAL CROSSING? come on men/women/other of all ages. like come on guys! guess your passion will do strange things i'm glad ya all running day 1 but can you all just take a few months to enjoy the damn game? apparently not! okay i spoke my two sense i'm done

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North Carolina, USA

Nah, its at least day 3, not day 1. And months? Just because you speedran an early part of the game for fun doesnt mean you cant have a fun playthrough over time concurrent with said speedrunning :P

There are plenty of valid reasons to be doing a run as early as you want to. Maybe you have 2 switches and a physical copy, and dont want to do a casual runthrough all day since you dont wanna time travel and have done all you want to for the day, but you still want to play AC or just need something to do?

Regardless, there are also many people just discussing hypotheticals to get the ball rolling so we dont need to wait as long to figure out a route. (Me included)

Also, if people want to do so, let them do it, it isn't hurting anyone and is their own choice.

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Basque Country

@golderzoa well, I understand your logic, and I also take my time But relax The people do it yeah wow XD

when's src getting a dislike button?

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Basque Country

Well, I also like to play my own the game and take a while before to run it Have to say, is realy early and suprisingly to do it as early and as fast as this is being yeah lmao But, well, I dont thing is something to be criticated and to be discussing that at this point There, the people like this @golderzoa , in this part of the comunity we are, you cannot just come here and start criticating the people is so fast I remember you we are in "", pls understand that And also not come saying "when will diskike buttons exist in src", cause that should be realy stupid in a site like this, and you dont have any reason to give dislikes just because they are so fast If the people like it, like it Just accept and go to twitter where the people play "good" for you and do slow incredible things, maybe better than in this

United States

All debts glitchless is gunna be a doozy...

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Basque Country

What glitches are used in the "all debts"of 1:52:xx? I doesnt look it yet

Louisiana, USA

Tell 'em gz

New York City, NY, USA

I'm interested in running, is there a way to like back up your save data without hacking your switch so you don't lose your town?

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@turtlebias your right but you did throw trash at me first so your are now on my people to ignore list. honestly i could beat p4ntz's shit time with that glitch i'm tempted to block you and that other guy. but i'll give you a chance and i'm sorry for Stating my opinion on speedrunning this game it's not like i received any respect when i entered i had to earn it. i'm actually did runs and became experienced you can be experienced too by doing runs and doing what you theory craft. but why would i speedrun a game that's clearly being enjoyed at least a little. but yea like i said before sorry for being a jerk right off the bat. i went a little out of hand. and i'm sorry for that. if you want help routing it i'll give up my save file to do so i only played for a day so it won't matter to me regardless weather i delete it or not. so tell me what you guys know and i'll make a route based upon that information. if you really will take it seriously i'll help route it out. again @turtlebias whatever that other guy was i apologize to both of you. again if you promise to take it seriously i'll delete my town and help route it out. i really should be nicer to you guys. i killed my streak anyways i can sorta help route out a non dupe run since i have experience with that in new leaf. just tell me what you need and i'll help you if your serious about it. i just don't wanna another one of those guys that just theory craft and claim they found a glitch that's game breaking write an entire essay about it and delete there posts and leave. @turtlebias i don't think your that type of guy so know what i'll help theory craft with ya. i have nothing better to do. if you read through this just in case you didn't for some reason. i'm sorry to both of you people. i shouldn't use this place as a venting service to justify my believes on enjoying a game and i shouldn't be bringin' that here. if you need help i'll be willing to delete my progression to help you. i will say this once more i'm sorry to both of you.

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New York City, NY, USA

Actually I shouldn't have even asked of course the answer is gonna be no. Guess I will have to buy a new switch and a copy if I want to run this game in the future

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Glitchless would probably do the same as new leaf and use interest since time travel is a breeze in this game it shouldn't be too much effort you'd sell the switch and catch a few things and gain interest whilst doing nook miles to pay off the first debt would make sense and do the final nook miles requirement right as you get enough interest to pay nook off entirely.

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Former timer start Select nintendo account

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