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I was thinking, maybe we should add one more category "Stock Car All Races"? Currently we have only wreckin' race which is pure RNG, and Stock Car which is no much better. I got my PB 24minutes in like first 1 hour of playing, but i cannot publish it because of poor sound and tbh it was very bad driving by me, and in next 9 more hours of playing i could not get as much luck with points as in my PB.

Therefore I think that we should add Stock Car All Races which will be more competitive/not luck depended than current categories.

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A good idea imo. Would get rid of the AI scoring RNG and shift it over to driving skill.

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I added new sub-categories to Stock Car so you guys can now submit runs including either any or all races.

The requirement is racing all tracks until the black-white flag appears. That means - since you can not restart a race - if you die on a track you have to either do the current season over or reset the entire run.

The already submitted runs for Stock Car have been filed under the sub-category "Any races".

Happy driving !


hey do you want to add categories for individual levels as well? post your best time for each track?


also my copy off ebay came in the mail today so i might fire it back up soon


I was thinking about that already. Would be handy I guess. I could add them as IL no problem.

Would be cool to have you back on board 😛 You play the real thing on a PS2 ?


i only have the old school PS1, so no quick load speed for me.


But in exchange some good old nostalgia. What a glorious grey box that thing is. 😃

Added ILs for Time Trial submissions. Also added a field "car" to be selected on submission (Rookie / Amateur / Pro) since we use quite different ones.

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