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"Timer starts when you gain control of the character, and ends when control is lost right after the final boss"

When the boss is dying, the player is still under control and should actually move around a bit until the game is forced the character to stop moving. The 18m 17s 660ms run by cohen77 is more like an 18m 24s XXXms with proper timing.

Do full game runs from reset, not by savestate as the jungle bridge boss, for example, is one of the few luck based fights in the game along with the orb robot(s) later on..

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Thanks for catching this. I took over in Jan 2019, and it seems like a few of these runs are stopping the timer on boss kill and not control loss. The 'Audit Log' feature is down right now, but I would like to go back and see if I can find the previous rules to see if maybe that is why some runs are shorter than they should be.

Going forward, I am not allowing runs that do not include reset screens and/or start from a saved state, but I feel like it would be unfair to remove existing runs before those things were listed in the rules.

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Agreed 100% , i started running that category with fang first and based on musician's run the timer was stopped at the time that the boss was killed, i didn't even notice that on browny's segment i needed to wait the loss of control. Maybe i'll try running this game if i get hyped again. Cheers 😃

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