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The following emulators are allowed: Regen, Kega Fusion, Genesis Plus GX (standalone or through Retroarch.)

For emulator runs, please state the name & version of the emulator used in your submission. Emulator runs with no emulator details will be rejected.

It is preferred that the entire emulator window is captured, to help prove the emulator being used.

Remapping buttons during a run is not allowed.
Mapping multiple buttons to one key is not allowed.
Rewind features not allowed.

For runs using emulators, the game must be visibly reset before a run.

Starting from a saved state is not allowed.

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It looks like this game (US and JP versions) will be available this summer in the Contra Anniversary Collection.
Switch, PS4, XBox One, and Steam will all be valid emulators.

Any runs submitted from these platforms should be marked as emulator and listed in the description as you would list normal PC emulators. The same emulation rules apply to runs done with the Anniversary Collection version of the game.

As of 6/12/2019 we are not accepting runs of Probotector, as there have never been any runs submitted so far, and there would need to be an additional set of rules and conversions defined for running at 50hz or 60hz