PC Version?
6 years ago

Is the PC version counted in the runs for this version? Or does it need it's own section because they added the FLOW chart?


I believe the game was changed enough for the PC version that it'd need a separate leaderboard? I don't know though since I don't have it, someone else needs to confirm.

It has changed an incredible amount. You can freely jump through sections of the game making 100% runs take a fraction of the time. I got 100% in the game in only about 12-15 hours of actual play time (Just an estimate, steam says 20 hours but I spent a lot of time afk with the game open) and I had never even played it before.

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Alberta, Canada

Would it be possible for there to be subcategories for each version?

I.E. DS, iOS, PC, PS4, Vita.

This will make it so that each version has it's own "leaderboard" on the same.

Ohio, USA

Hello Everyone,

I know it has been a really long time but I figured I should post here that there is now a leaderboard for the PC version of both 999 and VLR in case anybody is still interested in that. It can be found at https://www.speedrun.com/zetng

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