can anyone help?
7 months ago

I want to start speedrunning this games but the settings for the emulator in the guides don't load properly so can anyone send here a picture of the settings

United States

hey there, that guide is very old now. so not only are all the links broken, but the info is rather outdated. i'm gonna work on fixing that this week, but in the meantime you should be using the latest version of melonDS (currently v0.9.5) which you can get here:

on top of being just a more accurate DS emulator than Desmume these days, the default settings work pretty well with little need for adjustment (at least in my own experience with trying 999 on melonDS).

and one last note: if you have any other questions, i'd recommend joining our discord server (by pressing the Discord button near the top of this page) and asking there in the 999 channel. people check that a bit more frequently than these forums.

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