Video Proof?
6 years ago
Massachusetts, USA

I'm so glad there is a page for this game now!

I do have concerns about a run not having video proof though.

Certainly, not a stab at the runner personally, but on principle, I don't think it's a good practice for a leaderboard to be doing this. A runner's fastest official time should be whatever they have video of.

I am open to discussion, of course.

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California, USA

Video submission is certainly a requirement for the leaderboard and should be enforced when possible.

But I also believe in taking in all context and circumstances rather than blindly abiding by rules 100% of the time.

The current best time of 10m36s was done live with two witnesses watching in a public space. The time was actually achieved twice as well.

Regardless, the game doesn't have any competition yet. I created the game so that other's might get inspired.

The time is definitely beatable. There simply is no basis for comparison yet from anyone besides myself.

So I chose to list the best time that has been achieved even though it lacks video evidence for these reasons.

I think some leaderboards don't require video if it's not a top X or competitive time. That's how I feel about this. It's not competitive or optimized yet. This is just a starting point to show people what is achievable and what to aim for.

Connecticut, USA

well one of your witnesses was not a recording device. so your run is fake right now. please have some respect for the speedrunning community and include a recording or delete your run....

too many BS leaderboards are on SRC right now and it's making a lot of people sick to their stomachs that they even exist. Don't be one of them

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Massachusetts, USA

I don't understand your reasoning, puchiedarcy. If the purpose is to raise interest in the game, why not just use the run that you do have recorded, which you posted in the other thread? Having an actual video to follow would also support your claim of wanting to offer a "starting point to show people what is achievable and what to aim for". People are more likely to watch a run than to go into the forums to find information.

Also, is the simple fact that you're the mod make it okay to say that your particular circumstance is acceptable? Would you take a run I submitted w/o a video but stated that two other runners witnessed it? If so, that negates your statement of requiring video. If not, then are you the sole person determining what contexts and circumstances work? The point I'm trying to make is that if you're going to allow exceptions, it puts you on the line personally, as the mod. It will beg the question of "why them but not me?". This will lead toward exclusion rather than inclusion of the hobby, which goes against what you seem to be conveying in your post of wanting more interest in the game.

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California, USA

The whole reason this site exists is to provide proof of runs, not arbitrary statements. If someone can get away with showing just splits, links to dead videos, or a simple line of text saying that your neighbor's dog and uncle who works at Nintendo saw you get a time in a game, then what's the point of having leaderboards at all? I would argue that ALL boards should require video verification, regardless of the time... if some communities only want it for top time, so be it. But a solo run on a board? It should absolutely have a video showing that the run was done.

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California, USA

TwoGood: I'm sorry that making a game leaderboard that lists the actual best known time makes you sick.

KyhYang: Yes, if someone similarly posted a time without video but was of good reputation and had two others or similar reputation put their work behind it, I would allow it. The best known time is on the leaderboard. A video demonstrating the run and strategy is on the forum.

There are ¤ZERO¤ other runners of this game. You all are making a way bigger deal of this than it needs to be. I encourage anyone to at least play the game and do a speedrun and submit the time. That is the goal here: to get more times on the LB and encourage others to play the game. It has nothing to do with me or world records.

Connecticut, USA

but you didn't address the rest of what I said 🤔

Maryland, USA

Who decides if a runner has a good reputation or if the witnesses are of high enough caliber? That sounds like some Twin Galaxies garbage. So you made a mistake and weren't recording in the practice room, oh well, you put your best recorded run up there. Why would you insist on having a run with no video, when you have a run that is only 8 seconds slower actually recorded, if you are truly interested in drumming up interest for the game? Just seems odd.

It's a pretty simple solution, just put your recorded run up instead, and there is no issue.

California, USA

My issue is that it the slower recording isn't the best known time. I insist on having the current time up without video because it is the actual best time.

If I as a moderator were having an issue with someone else's run on these grounds, I could understand this thread. However, there is still no competition or any other known runs. This is just a pretty useless discussion IMO until anyone else submits a run.

Do you honestly think I'm just grandstanding this for my own sake? I like the game so I made a leaderboard and put the best known time on it and a general strategy. That's all.

WhiteHat, I see you're a moderator of several other NES games. Are you interested in taking moderation of this board? Then you can do with it what you please.

Connecticut, USA

"known time" Known to who? your current "run" isn't a "known time" no matter who watched it in person. "known time" means publicly known.

Connecticut, USA

"legit" and deserving to be on a leaderboard are quite different. if the run is so "non-competitve" just record another one, it should only take 10 minutes...

not trying to cause trouble. just respecting the legitimacy of the hobby. that is all

California, USA

But consider the battle you are picking. It's one person making an LB for a game they like with a reasonable time. With no competition. I'm not scouting SRDC for easy WRs. I'm just putting the game on the site. I haven't played the game in a year and I don't care to. I never even "ran" it, I just played it a lot and kept track of my times.

There is such as thing as respecting the hobby, but I feel a lot of people on this thread and SRDC in general are just trying to pick fights where there is none needed. Not everything has to be super serious all the time. I don't think anyone is inherently wrong here. It just baffles me that everyone is so insistent on picking on a single time for a single game that a single person has run. It's all useless.

Maryland, USA

The issue isn't that we don't believe you got that time, I'm sure you did since people PB in the practice room occasionally. It's simply that nowadays it pretty much goes without saying that in order to claim a time, you need video proof, be it from a digital recording or even filming from your phone.

If you don't want to be mod, I can do it. I do have experience with the game, I have casually raced it with Kyh, 2wogood and others, hence why were are interested in seeing that any runs on the board have a video.

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