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FIRST / SECOND QUESTS First Quest and Second Quest are shown as subcategories in order to reduce clutter. Unless the category specifically states to complete both quests, the rules imply completing the goals for the respective quest only. For categories that play both Quests, please submit the run under First Quest.

TDO Glitchless For explanations, see the forum thread: GLITCHES GUIDE

CO-OP (online) The emu-coop is currently still in development and new sync options may become available. Most likely, all current and future 2-player sync types will be allowed for this category. If there's any separation it would likely be to add a variable that defines the sync mode used. Submission videos should include both players' complete gameplay. Either add a comment to the second video link, or produce a single video with both players' gameplay. One easier way to do this is to capture your partner's stream on yours. They won't be perfectly synced but that's fine.

2P1C 2 players, 1 controller. One person on the D-pad, the other on B+A. I don't know that we care to specify how Select and Start should be divided. Your video may be more interesting with both players on camera showing hands, but it's not required.

One-handed Use only one hand on the controller. Stabilizing your controller somehow is perfectly reasonable. A run cannot be verified without a hand cam.

Reverse Dungeon Order (RDO) You're allowed to enter any dungeon in any order you want, but you should defeat the bosses who guard the heart container and collect the Triforce of Wisdom pieces only in descending order. That means Gleeok (4-heads) in Level-8 and collect the triforce, then Aquamentus in Level-7, Gohma in Level-6 and so on. In Second Quest, refer to how the dungeons are listed in the game's display. Level-8 is the green level with Goriyas and three Dodongos as the boss. The boss of second quest Level-3 are the Dodongos that guard the heart.

FDS Prototype This is the only FDS specific run on the board. Moderators will remove loading times in excess of the Famicom cartridge version in order to level the field between devices. Sheet:

Open 9/RBO (hacked ROM) Open RBO and Open 9 Any% are played on a ROM generated by Fred's Zelda Randomizer using a specific Flag String in which Level-9 is open without having the Triforce of Wisdom completed. Select Swap does not change the flag string and is allowed, along with any flag that keeps the flag string. See: In order to make Second Quest compatible with Open RBO, the Rando flag string starts the player with the Raft, so that the player can get the Bow without first beating boss Digdogger in Level-4. Link to Randomizer is in Resources.

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