(OUTDATED) RNG Manipulation Compendium [Downloadable File]

(This is outdated horribly. It will be updated soon and this notice will be removed) A complete collection of all information needed during an RNG manipulation speedrun. Contains strategies for MBD manips, mage manips, and Final 6 manip. (direct download)


(OUTDATED) RNG Manipulation Compendium [Online Version]

(This is outdated horribly. It will be updated soon and this notice will be removed) An online version of the compendium. It is exactly the same as the downloadable version except it does not contain clickable images to move throughout the sheets. (external link)


Any% strats and routing, using RNG Manipulation

This is a guide that instructs you on how to manipulate the RNG in this game so you can win 3 Meteor B. Dragons in a row from Heishin and use them through the campaign for quick duels with audio and execution setups. Best used in conjunction with GenericMadScientist's tools. (external link)

By ArkildArkild

Card Overview

Customisable card overview tool by FraserNotFrasier. (external link)

By FraserNotFrasierFraserNotFrasier

Card Overview

This tool helps you monitoring your Cards and special Drops. (external link)

By MergyMergy

RNG Manipulation Programs

This is a 3-tool pack. The Draw Predictor allows you to see what RNG seed you are on in a duel based on the cards in your hand. The Manip Tool allows you to see what seeds to aim for with starter decks that yield specific Dragon/Thunder counts with specific equips/fields, seeds for configurable Easy Modes on opponents, and a manip finder to determine how to play a duel out to win specific drops. The Campaign Manip Tool (You must download and install Python first) runs a script that generates card order, enemy plays, and the seed your duel would end on if you perform tasks specifically bound to the script you generate. (external link)

By GenericMadScientistGenericMadScientist

Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories Tools

Contains a calculator used to calculate duel rank (created by flurputzer), split icons, TEA V1.6 (a program used to opponent decklists, card drop rates, etc.), and a text file containing useful cards to be bought via password and their costs. (external link)

By MergyMergy


100% Save File (JP)

RAR contains memory card data for use with ePSXe. It contains a save file with 5 of each card in the game and can be used for speedrunning NG+ on Japanese version of the game. Character's name is Hdot. (direct download)

By Hdot




Complete Randomizer

Startdeck, Enemy Decks and Drops are randomized. You'll find a readme with infos inside the .zip file. (external link)

By MergyMergy

Random Startdeck Mod

In this Mod it is possible to start with any of the 722 cards available in the game. In the file you'll find a readme that explains how it works exactly. (external link)

By MergyMergy

Uncensored Cards Version

Cards are in their original artwork, as they were in the Japanese version of the game. (Still NTSC-U Version) (external link)

By MergyMergy