Doll glitch in this game
2 years ago
Pennsylvania, USA

I recently heard a rumor that you can use doll glitch to skip ghoulfather.

For those who don't know, in my first playthrough of yo-kai watch 3 (which I have now finished), I chose to try testing doll glitch on most bossfights in the game. (Later on I had stopped for a brief bit due to just wanting to finish the game, but I do remember testing this fight for the first phase).

Not a single one of my doll glitch tests were successful. I remember weird stuff happening when it was used on Agent X 1 and I think Beddy Bye too, but other than that nothing really happened, it just brought you to before you fight the boss, which would just be a useless waste of time.

I never tested the 2nd phase, but more than likely it does nothing.

Only way I could see this being true is if it works on older versions or only on JP versions.