Save File Decompressor

Decompresses save files such that they can be edited in a text editor. (external link)


Teleport Trainer

Allows you to teleport to XYZ coordinates (external link)



0% Save - Intro Skip

0% Save file mean to be used in specific misc categories only. This save skips the entire intro and the overworld Phoebee dialogue. While using this save your totals screen on the main menu may not work properly. You can generally update the totals by opening this save file and instantly saving and quitting the moment you get in. You may also want to delete the STMP file that gets created in your saves folder. The file should be marked as "Read Only" in it's properties so double check. All you need to do is add the file to your saves folder which can be found in [ProgramFiles(x86)/Steam/userdata/(YOURSTEAMIDHERE)/846870/remote] If you already have a save in the last slot (the files are listed as 0/1/2/3/4 so the last is your 5th on the title screen) either delete the save or rename this save to go into an empty slot. If your title screen shows the 2nd slot as empty you would rename the file to 1 for example. (direct download)

By AljexAljex