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It's arbitrary, makes the run slower, and is dumb

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I don't think you know, but we actually had a community discussion about this a few weeks ago. Everyone pretty much unanimously agreed to keep them banned, as your egg count actually resets to 0 when you reset the console. All allowing resets would do is save arbitrary time and remove tech from the run (and also make everyone's pb worse bc they finished their runs before we allowed resets).

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Absolutely amazing, keeping a shit rule around just because it could harm people who run the game with shit rule sets, I mean I thought this was speedrunning but whatever I guess saving time is arbitary


Considering the category arbitrarily bans other stuff besides resets it doesn't really make any sense to modify such an established category at this point. Nothing's stopping you or anyone else from running 100% without restrictions (Andy_Kuma already did a bunch of ILs and No Restrictions is added to the IL pages for relevant stages).

I agree banning resets is arbitrary/slow/dumb but so is running a collection category in the first place :roll: