Leaderboard Rules and Requirements
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Leaderboard Rules and Requirements
North Carolina, USA

[center][big]Leaderboard Global Rules[/big][/center] • Allowed Emulators: Snes9x 1.51, 1.53 - 1.56.2 ** Click for compiled snes9x 1.56.2 core for retroarch** (I strongly recommend you compile things yourself, but if you don't care, here it is)

[center][big]Retroarch Rules[/big][/center] • Runahead is banned (this also applies in general for the same concept in any other emulator) • Frame delay may be set as high as you want, be warned that setting this too high will be detrimental to emulator performance depending on the power of your cpu • Settings must be shown after the run to show runahead, framerate, etc

[center][big]Bans[/big][/center] • SD2SNES, Bizhawk/Higan/BSNES, Snes9x 1.43, Snes9x 1.57+, zsnes etc. are banned. All emulators that have fewer lag frames than the official console release are banned. Only emulators that are slower than console are allowed (all Super FX 2 emulation is inaccurate). If you have reason to believe an emulator update has changed the SFX2 emulation to an acceptable level, contact a moderator on discord or twitter, or post about it here.

• No use of controller functions that are not possible on an unmodified stock controller (e.g. macros, left+right, turbo).

• No use of outside tools (e.g. RAMwatch, LUAscript).

• No outside modification of game code. This includes things like cheat devices (e.g. game genie), crooked cart, and modified roms.

• Use of savestates and rewind on the Switch and SNES Classic versions is banned.

[center][big]Leaderboard Requirements[/big][/center] • It is highly recommended, but not required, that you locally record your runs if you want to submit to the leaderboard, in case your stream goes down for any reason. OBS can stream and record the same encode. If you have any questions or issues, post here, or ask in the Discord. We care about new runners and we will help you.

• All submissions that would be a Top 15 time require full video proof in perpetuity. Full video means ONE segment, with full audible game audio. Two split twitch VoDs or a VoD with partially muted audio is NOT a full video. If you have audio or recording issues, please ask here or on the Discord. Do NOT wait until a Top 15 PB to bring up an issue. No exceptions will be granted for status or circumstance, the rules apply to everyone, equally.

• Suspicious submissions without video will be discussed by the moderators (e.g. a sub 2:00 warpless time from someone we've never heard of, or talked to). Some sort of proof of capability is what we're looking for here.

• Mods cannot verify their own full game runs. If this happens, post about it here please.

• Old accepted runs that do not meet the new criteria are Grandfathered In.

Any questions, comments, or criticisms can be posted in this thread or on the Discord server.

[big]Discord Server Link[/big]

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What happens now to this run that used turbo? http://www.speedrun.com/run/8y8q9owy

North Carolina, USA

edited, thanks

Los Angeles, CA, USA

I currently am using Snes9x 1.60 Does that mean I have to use an earlier version of the emulator?



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What emu and version can i use to run this game for submitting to the leaderboards?


Read the first sentence of this thread

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North Carolina, USA

added snes9x 1.56.2 retroarch core and made some minor changes

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What is the ideal setting to do Speedrun in • Allowed Emulators: Snes9x 1.51, 1.53 - 1.56. Help


it means you can use 1.51 and any version 1.53 to 1.56. other versions dont lag enough like a real console so in places they're faster

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Bavaria, Germany

What about SNES/ SFC (Snes9x - Current) in Retroarch? Im wanna start soon speedrunning and its version 1.60 975aecb.


North Carolina, USA

(Snes9x - Current) is not allowed as it is version 1.60. Any builds later than 1.56.2 are not allowed, as the snes9x devs made Super FX 2 emulation changes that result in 1.57 and all releases past that having less lag frames than console. If the snes9x devs make any changes to the Super FX 2 emulation in future releases, we will recount lag/loading frames and update, if necessary, to allow a newer version. Until there is any update, runs using (Snes9x - Current) in retroarch will not be accepted. There is a link to a compiled snes9x 1.56.2 core in the OP that you can use for retroarch. Alternatively, you can compile a core from the source code of any accepted snes9x version and use that.

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