"Current state of Yoshi" Comments / Suggestions Thread
7 years ago
North Carolina, USA

Use this thread to bring up anything pertaining to the game that you'd like to see updated/changed/re-worked (category discussion, order, rules, leaderboard criteria) This is the place to make statements on a sort of permanent record (i.e. not a discord discussion)

wiki: https://yoshispeedruns.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

discord: https://discord.com/invite/cdUzR3Z

Recent Changes: 6/x/21:

  • blk unmodded
  • icterus supermodded
  • leaderboards split between snes and VC (snes classic/switch)
  • some category rules rephrased

Older changes: 10/26/18:

  • Modded Brooklyn

  • De-modded David and arne due to inactivity

  • Removed / Edited some old guides and splits

  • Created a board for meme categories: https://www.speedrun.com/yiext

  • De-modded Trix and Drakotou due to inactivity

  • Modded Davidb and Poahr

  • Made Warpless the default category to reflect recent activity

  • No Reset restriction removed from 100% and Warps per community vote

  • Added a "Restrictions" variable (temporary) to Warps and a "Ruleset" variable to 100%

  • Renamed No ACE to "Beat Bowser" and removed the no ACE restriction (volpe's fault)

  • Established proof requirements


  • add updated splits / guides (current ones really need to be nuked)
  • add / practice hack / UFO is dead

Suggestions, questions, etc?

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North Carolina, USA

We are currently voting on removing the "No Reset" restriction on 100%, warps, and warpless. If you run the game, join the discord and check #leaderboard pins for the google form link to vote.

There will also be a future proposal to submit ILs to the leaderboard only using the proper multiples of the SNES framerate (60.0988 fps). This is to prevent recording at ~30 fps to potentially save a frame over ~60 fps recordings, as well as to incentivize capturing ILs at the correct frame rate (30.0494i). Will update when that happens.

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North Carolina, USA

No Reset restriction removed from 100% and Warps: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oi0iDiO5Zo5ugDPrQ9-aXLTe4Ota-tQwUk1lS2Ifp6s

You can filter 100% / Warps runs by the "Ruleset" / "Restrictions" variable to only view runs without console resets

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