New Categories?
5 years ago
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The any% for this game would be quite long and annoying, thus why there are currently no runs for the category. I think single segments or more specifically, Grace, would be interesting.

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The general policy with new YGO categories these days is they can be considered after there's at least one run.

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While Any% might be long(As typical for many YGO speedruns). Many of the leaderboards have a history of empty Any% categories but having added various misc. Categories that for the most part, have few optimized runs and then are abandoned. While I do like the idea of various fun categories in games like this, I would wanna have it at the very least first backed up with Any% runs, or the trend might just continue(A good example is 7 Trials, where basically for a good time the only speedruns were the Konami Code ones). Also, as GenericMadScientist said, general policy is to have a proposed ruleset and a run to back up your category idea, in this case I would not bet on any of the mods adding the category unless you atleast had an Any% run first.

Hope you understand and have a good day, happy running :D

Rhode Island, USA

I am down to do an Any% but what are the rules for it?

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You know that's fair, imma fix it up a bit later today. The rules/game were added when i was not a mod yet, the rules could probably use some clarification and such.


I don't know quite the rules for this yet, and since there isn't any beforehand. I will try and add fitting rules fitting the run.


Yeah, I was the one who added the rules and just added placeholder rules because there were no runs for any%, it's just there because I thought it needed to be. If you want to add some rules and have questions about the game I can help :)

And about new categories, personally I think it would be nice, but no point in adding categories just because, but if you want to run another categori and record a run maybe we can discuss it.

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However, I would be more interested in routing Any% TBH before adding more categories, I've routed this game in the past up to the last level but I have no previous knowledge in speedrunning Yugioh games, so there might be a lot of things I might be missing.

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So I thought I had routed Grace but I can't seem to get Gigobyte and Curse to appear. Every guide says you only have to beat the main 5 spirits once to activate the event but its not working. Any other ways to get them to show up?


Yeah, I checked a lot of guides and all of them are wrong and only get you very confused, but after testing a lot I actually routed the whole game except for the last level, I wanted to document all this info I've gathered about the game but I haven't done it yet. I'll try to do it some time in the future when I have time.

If you're curious about grace, it just so happens that you just need to beat every Spirit 3 times, except for Knospe for some reason. This includes the Penguin, the birdman guy (Forgot his name), Skull Servant and Kairyu-Shin. You can completely ignore Knospe, it's so weird but yeah, that's the way to progress in Grace, meaning that you need to win 12 duels to unlock Vampire Curse.

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Rhode Island, USA

Finally got a PB for World of Grace but gawddurn it was alot longer than I expected. Im going to try to improve my run and then I'll decide if I would have the time for running the full game.


Problem with this game is the long animations that you need to see every single time, but there are little things you can do to improve your times like using touch screen instead of moving the cursor, pressing b all the time so the activation prompt doesn't pop up every single time, etc.

Good Luck :) it gets worse after Grace tbh

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